I found my underwater camera!


I bet you didn’t even know it was lost. It wasn’t really lost. I placed it somewhere really obscure and then forgot about it because the battery finally died, like years ago, and I never got around to buying a new one. So guess what?!! I ordered a new battery online and bam! My old camera works again! Just in time for summer!underwatersummer-2

It’s so old school not be able to beam photos right to the internet the second you take them. But I do not have a waterproof phone (yet) so this is the next best thing. I do love this camera even though it takes me a day or two to download the photos and share them here. It’s kinda fun to have zillions to pick from when I finally do go through them. There’s a lot of squishy odd pictures. I love the way the waterline dissects and reflects.underwatersummer-3

I have a lot of pictures like this where I fail to get my whole head under water because I refuse to blow the the air out of my mouth and lungs. It’s kind of a long story but I had so many ear infections as a child and so many doctor’s orders to stay out of the water that I never really learned to swim under water. So still to this day I am adverse to it. I can swim on the surface no problem though.

On days like these long hot summer days, the water has been amaaaaaaazing! It’s been like swimming in jello, the water is so warm.

I’m cooking up another water-craft so I’m thinking this waterproof camera is going to come in handy! Stay tuned!

What’s New, February?


What’s new, pussycat?

It’s been verrry, verrry (Payam has taught me a Middle-Eastern accent) cold lately, relatively speaking. Thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit is VERY cold for us!! I can’t even remember what summer felt like and I know it was really hot.  So I illustrated a February banner with the feeling of a being blown away with an arctic wind and some little love-blown valentines thrown in. I know a lot of people are finding my site from all the old valentine printables I used to make. I have some brewing but they will probably show up on Alphamom and not here. Gotta pay the bills and all. But if I get some extra time maybe I’ll pop out some pineapple valentines or minecraft valentines for certain little people in my house and I’ll share them here.

I’ve been antiquing a little lately. A new job has popped up where I’ll be repurposing antiques and shooting tablescapes. It’s a little scary for me and I’m feeling intimidated but I think once I get used to it, it could be really fun. So if anyone wants to hit up Orange Circle with me for some shopping and a coffee date, I should be open to that. Payam went with me last week and we had all kinds of fun.


Payam bought these really old wooden boxes and he’s thinking of repurposing them into either some wall art or maybe even furniture. I am very excited to see what he does with them. But in the meantime, they’ve been great props for shooting on. I felt like I had a little Knotts Berry Farm family portrait studio wall or something.


Lubna has popped up as a model here and there. I can only show the outtakes on this site so if you see something old that you might like, shoot me an email and I can probably sell whatever item it is. These double-handled soup bowls are great latte mugs. They didn’t make the cut for my new job so they’re hanging out in my kitchen but I know I can’t keep everything I find so eventually I’ll have to pass these on. If you like them, let me know!


Isn’t Lubna adorable?!!  Did you know she might be engaged soon? I know, it’s crazy. I’m having some trouble wrapping my head around it myself. She’s only seventeen but in her culture pre-arranged marriages are very normal and expected, especially when your teenage daughters are drop-dead gorgeous like she is and prone to mischief. I’m just hoping the guy her family has picked out for her is as wonderful as she is. Of course she can always break off the engagement if she doesn’t like him and she might but she’s pretty excited about the whole prospect. Teenage love and all that.  And yes, I have been preaching to the moon and back about how young she is and how she should finish school and have a career etc etc…I’ll keep you posted.