The Most Excellent Baby Shower

Phew! I’m so overwhelmed by tiredness, I don’t even know where to begin.

The baby shower was so fun. Funtastic. Of course since I secretly and selfishly planned half the thing (against everybody else’s wishes) I’m full of doubts too. Did people get bored when I opened all one hundred and one of my beautiful pink gifts? Did I mingle enough? Did my friends from separate circles get along? Did anybody feel left out? Was I cheesy trying on all the hats and acting goofy? (yes) Did everybody get enough to eat? Why didn’t anybody drink any tea? Did we trash my hostess’s beautiful house and she’s just too nice to say anything? Will that glass of punch that spilled, stain her Persian rug? I’m such a stress case about details, it’s amazing I ever have any fun.

But I did have fun. It was elegant! Everyone was so nice to me. I really felt special. So far all the feedback I’ve gotten has been positive. As far as baby showers go (cause face it, a baby shower is not exactly like sitting on the beach sipping a margarita or staying home and yellling at the televison during a football game…), people seemed to really enjoy themselves.

What did I like best? All the pink stuff of course. And getting to see everybody. It was just one favorite person after another. I wish I could have cloned myself and sat down and talked forever with every single person who walked through the door. I did talk a lot.

I also loved taking polaroids of everyone wearing silly hats. I’m all about the polaroids. It’s instant gratification AND great for my scrapbook. I’m so mad right now because I can’t find my scanner to scan all the polaroids. They are hilarious! Especially the one of Whoorl and Boogie’s Mom. You don’t want to miss those. But right now, my entire office is boxed up and in the living room. I’ve already shuffled through every box twice and it is no where! I know I’ll find it eventually but right now I don’t think I can lift another thing.

I want to blog about the whole big baby room move because it’s overwhelming and I’m going crazy. But I don’t want to take away from the shower. The shower needs it’s own post. It was magical and I am so full of love for everyone who came and made being eight months pregnant fun. Me and my baby feel very loved and spoiled.

Thank you.

p.s. If I don’t find my scanner by tomorrow, I’ll just take pictures of the pictures. They are way too much fun to miss.

Party Hog

Is it tacky that I just made and sent out my own shower invitations? I just couldn’t help myself. The hostess of the party was asking me what I would like and this and that… So I told her what I really really would like, would be to make my own invitations. Because that’s what I do! I make invitations. It’s fun and easy and I’m my own best customer because I know exactly what I want. How could I settle for store bought when I could make some in the perfect color and size and even with a real tea bag! I begged and pleaded.

She reluctantly let me, on the grounds that it was a gift to me to let me make my own shower invitations. If I had my way, I’d plan and throw the whole party… but that is taking it too far. I’m such a party hog. Just the same, I am very excited about this party. It’s going to be a tea party with pink cup cakes. I love pink and I love cup cakes!

I sort of like tea.