An 80th Birthday Party is Perking in the Party Percolator


I’m never one to turn down a party planning opportunity so when Payam’s mom’s 80th birthday rolled around you know I was all over that. We celebrated her actual birthday last week with a sushi dinner (with a shooting firework ice cream sundae). But now we are planning the real deal birthday party. I am so excited.

She loves flowers and purple so I am snatching that theme up and adding a dash of drama by throwing a sunset to dusk dinner outside in her beautiful backyard. It’s going to be so pretty! I’m thinking big glowing balloon balls in the pool, candles and party lights hung from the arbor over the tables. I can’t wait!


The thing I love about Persian parties is they often have festive music that everyone of all ages gets up and dances to, or at least chair-dances to. I love a good chair dance. I have to come up with a play-list and invest in one of those outdoor-music roll-around speakers that works off bluetooth. I’ve always wanted one of those anyway. I bought a silly i-home speaker for Bug’s Princess birthday party but it didn’t work worth beans over the fans of the bounce house. I got to step that up a notch or five.

I also want to compile a slideshow of all her old pictures. Eighty years is a long time to get sentimental about! I’m about knee deep in scanning old photo albums.

Of course there will be Persian food and faloodeh, which is a cold noodle-y-ice cream sort of dish with dripping cherry juice or pomegranate juice. It’s so yummy.


This is my mood board so far. (Images found on pinterest. And one from the family photo album!)

I shall keep you posted!

Art Camp Day 5: Watercolor Pool Party!


Art Camp is OVER! And it ended with a splash like it should. Between you and me I am so glad it’s over because it was so much work and it kicked my butt but we are already talking about doing it next year so I’m thinking it must have been worth it! I like the idea of it becoming a tradition. Maybe not the best business model but definitely something that the kids and I remember forever.


On the last day of Art Camp I knew we had to end it at the pool. It’s really the only place to be this summer as we swelter in the heat. Why not add some watercolor paint poolside and make it a party! A watercolor pool party! I could have really thrown some money into decorations and gone crazy with that theme but as I mentioned earlier art camp is not the best business model and I had to watch my bottom line and not go crazy with the party fever like I usually do.


We painted poolside in the shade of the pergola in our home association’s pool clubhouse. It was lovely. There was even a breeze that obnoxiously kept kicking up our art supplies and knocking things over. At one point I got in trouble for having glass at the pool but paper cups were just not working in the breeze. Thankfully, the security guard left us to figure that out on our own and didn’t enforce the rules too strictly.


We painted and we painted.


We even made swimsuit cover-ups ala alphamom. I love that craft. It’s so easy and fun.


Of course there was food. It was a pool party after all. We’ve been living at this pool lately.


Poor Bug was sun-kissed to death. We all wore sunblock but since she and I were there since ten in the morning, and she spent most of that time in the pool in direct sunlight, I think she might have caught a touch of heat stroke.


That night we all went home exhausted and a little sunburnt. We all had so much fun but I’m happy it’s over and I don’t have to think about it again until next summer!