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    Eiffel Tower All The Time!

    It’s Eiffel Tower All the Time!*

    My mother-in-law sent me this super fun Eiffel Tower lamp. You know how some people collect miniature light houses and tea towels with ducks on them? Well, it looks like I’ve started an Eiffel Tower collection. I’ve got earrings from Marilyn, a t-shirt from Pinky, a necklace from my mother-in-law (she spoils me rotton) and now this fancy lamp. I think this might be the start of something big. It comes complete with an observation deck that I happened to have an itty bitty little doll who just fits on. I love it. Viva la France!

    *as pinky says.

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    Back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming

    Back to our Regularly Scheduled Program

    Thanks for all the nice comments and emails about yesterday’s post. I love you internet. It is so nice to know that there are always people out there to encourage me when things get tough. But also know this, I am blessed with an inner optimism that keeps me going no matter what. I think I inherited that from my Dad. So now with Toby’s mom safely in the convalescent home (for a few weeks at least), we can go back to:

    Getting excited about going to Paris and making dumb movies about my cats! Wooo Hooo!

    My new shirt is from Pinky and my necklace is from my other mother in law. How can a girl be down with friend like these?!!

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