Hearts and Records: A SockHop Dance


A while back I volunteered to organize a dance at Bug’s school. Why I’m on the PTA in the first place is a good question but you know the answer to that. It’s because I’m a fool!  I never meant to be politically involved in school matters, I just wanted to help out with graphics and stuff. What can I say? I love a good makeover and Bug’s school was badly needing in the graphics department. Next thing I knew, I had a title and I have to show up to meetings every month.

It’s okay though. It’s actually pretty fun.  I mean, how could I possibly turn down planning a 50’s-themed sock hop? What a dream job!

First thing I did was break out the mettaprints. It’s good to work for a cardboard company because I can design anything I want for half the price. I wanted to make hearts and records out of cardboard and then hang them like dangly decorations. This would have taken forever if I did it by hand so having mettaprints do all the cardboad cutting saved me a TON of time.  I could have had them print the records and hearts too but that took away from the homemade feeling and would have substantially cost more.

So I painted them myself with help from another PTA mom. (Thanks Maria!!) We had a ton of fun.


I think the fact that I never got to go to school dances when I was a kid probably influenced my level of involvement on this. I had big prom-sized dreams.


I know, it’s just an elementary school dance but those dreams paid off! How cool do these dangling decorations look all hung up in the multipurpose room at school? It’s like the movie, Carrie. But without pigs blood.  Yes, painting all those hearts and records took two days and many messes and I had to tie them all together with little bits of red yarn while I watched Bug play soccer (I’m sure the other parents thought I was nuts.) but it was worth it!


When I looked out over the kids dancing to Chuck Berry, it felt like I was back in time.


Everyone had a lot of fun.

Even Elvis showed up!!  It was really hard to talk one of the dads into dressing up but Maria’s husband saved the day at the eleventh hour and he was soooooo good! Our Elvis could dance! 

Then everybody rushed him for photos. Even the principal!


So that’s how I contribute to the PTA. I might not be solving any big core curriculum problems or balancing budgets but I am making things more photogenic!

An Artist’s Afternoon

This post is sponsored by eBay.


I love reading style blogs. I love when they make collections. You’d think this is because I’m really into fashion and I want to stay up on all the latest trends but that’s not the case at all. I don’t give a flip about what they are wearing in Paris or what lipgloss has the best shine. I just like style blogs because they are visual. I love to look at pictures. I could look at pictures all day long. I’d say 80 percent of the blogs I read, I just scan photos and never read  a line of text. Isn’t that weird?  I guess everyone’s brain is made differently and we like what we like.

This got me thinking…maybe I should make a collection.  I tried a little bit with my Paris Party Planning post but maybe I should stick to things I know. Like art supplies, perhaps?  Oh yeah. You can talk about your Nars lip gloss and your booties that cost five hundred dollars and I’ll just glaze over but get me started on gel medium and glue gunsgooglie eyes and glow-in-the-dark paint and I’ll talk you under the table. Or talk you into coming over to my house Friday night for crafts and drinks with the girls.

Here’s a little collection I put together on eBay called Artist Afternoon.

1. Mod Podge!  If you’ve followed any of my craft posts over on Alphamom, you already know what a staple this is and you’ve already got five jars of it in your well-stocked craft cabinet in five different shades and weights. It’s not your mother’s decoupage goop, though you can certainly use it for decoupaging. It’s pretty much your average white glue that works on anything without the orange applicator cap that always gets stopped up anyway. If you don’t have a bottle of this on hand, you need one.

2. Small Watercolor Painting Tin Isn’t this cute? I’ve been thinking of making my own altoid tin version but I have to admit the tiny divider thing is a selling point for me. Especially if you use tube watercolor paint, which I don’t but I might try one of these days.

3.Gloss Gel Medium This stuff is the secret to not being a starving artist. You can add a tiny bit of paint to a big glob of gel and magically the pigment from your paint will color the entire glob without weakening the color at all. This is great when you discover that you are out of some important color and you really don’t want to run to the art store to stock up.

4. Washi Tape! There are so many uses for this stuff. Even if you aren’t the DIY type you need this around for taping small notes and wrapping packages. And also color coding your power cords.

5. Googlie eyes You already know how I feel about googlie eyes. I think everyone should have a very large collection. EBay is a great place to start.

6. Coveralls. I don’t have any but I’m thinking I need some. It could be like my super hero costume for crafting.

7. Glow in the Dark Paint! I’ve been perkolating a bunch of ideas with this stuff. I might even have to break it out for Halloween.

8. Sexy Boyfriend Jeans I live in these. Baggy, comfortable and NOT frumpy.

9. Liquitex Acrylic Paint  A lot of people swear by other brands but I’m pretty loyal to Liquitex. I’ve been using them since forever.

10. Super Bonder glue gun This is not Glubert, my trusty glue gun, but if Glubert suddenly bit the dust, this is probably what I’d buy because it’s red and it’s SUPER. Super Bonder to the rescue!

If you like the above, there’s more here. I hope you enjoy my collection!  Be sure to follow me on eBay to check out the rest of my shoppable collections. I’ve got a few that I think you will find very interesting…let’s just say I’m using my collections to inspire some fiction writing I might be doing. Stay tuned!

(My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay  #FOLLOWITFINDIT)