Paintings and Flowers


If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to it’s been work. And of course I can’t talk about whatever I’m working on while I’m working on it so I never talk about work. But in between work I’ve been sneaking in a little painting.

A while back a friend bought me this huge canvas on sale and it’s been sleeping in my garage just waiting to be painted. Then the other day the kids were painting and they had big globs of paint leftover on their palettes after they were done. I hate wasting expensive paint so I just swathed the extra blobs onto the canvas that was wedged between our garage refrigerator and the washing machine. I didn’t put much effort into it because I love texture and I figured I’d paint over it eventually anyway.

Then it happened again, and again. And it got harder and harder to squeeze between the washer and the refrigerator to paint so I lugged it into the house and now it’s turned into a real painting on purpose. But still with half-hazard colors because I’m out of half my paints (thanks kids) and I like it this way. It’s almost like I can think in monochromatic tones and ignore the color all together and strangely it works. Pink face, blue hair? Don’t care!

I hope I can keep turning my brain off enough to turn it into something. But then I’ll have to sell it because I have no more room in my house for masterpieces. If you are looking for some big art send me a note. Maybe I’ll sell it to you.


I’ve also been working with fake flowers. These are also leftovers from other projects. I have so many leftover craft supplies from projects that I could start my own store. But I don’t. I squirrel them away in my busting-at-the-seams craft aisle of cabinets in the garage. It’s lovely and terrible at the same time. Konmarie methods don’t really work for me. But I am usually pretty organized so it stays somewhat under control.

Anyway, Bug has had me making flower crowns for her. I made one for her halloween costume and then one for her succulent-themed birthday party. We’ve decided that since they are so fun to make, I should make more and sell them in an Etsy shop. She also wants me to give her 10 percent for modeling and 20 percent if she sells them to her friends. I’m not so sure that’s a good deal for me since I spend about an hour on each one and she spends two minutes but whatever, it’s fun to do something together. Also she is very proud of her math skills when it comes to percentages so I’ll let her work out the math.


No Konmarie here!


I really enjoy making them. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with fake flowers. I LOVE LOVE LOVE real flowers (thus the flower biz I was in back in the day) so using fake has always felt like betrayal BUT fake flowers last forever and don’t require as much care. No moldy smelly water vases to clean out. No mass clippings all over the kitchen floor (though there is still a bit of mess but it can be contained to a table and it doesn’t smell) and no expiration date!

Right now most of the crowns have turned into wreaths. Not sure why.  Bug doesn’t really like them for wearing so I’m going to focus on smaller flowers and making them more dainty going forward. I figure no loss though, I can sell these as door wreaths! In fact I have one on my front door right now and it’s charming and cute!


I will definitely keep everyone (and their cousin) posted when we actually go live with a shop. It might be a while.

Now back to work!

Art Camp Day 2-4


Day Two of Camp was Sketchy Drawing Day. I had big plans of teaching the kids how to draw upside down, how to draw from a grid and even how to draw hands. It didn’t quite work out as I planned. They got bored after about three squares of drawing from a grid.


So we decided to take our drawing class on a field trip, to the mall! To eat macarons! Bug may have been responsible. She definitely challenged my authority during these classes, showing off for her friends, mouthing off, not doing what she was supposed to and generally being a pain in my butt. She frequently got to visit her room for quiet time while I maintained a facade of composure.


The mall was really nice though. The weather was great for sketching outdoors. It definitely added some extra interest to drawing day. Not quite the splash of the water fight from day one but definitely not boring.


Day Three was NOT boring at all. Day Three was Paper Mâché Day aka Paper ma-MESS-ché Day. Boy did we make a mess. The girls mixed their own flour water paste, shredded their own newspapers and sculpted their own piñata shapes from balloons and tape. It was grand.


We only had enough time to sculpt and put down one layer newspaper but I promised to finish up the rest of the layers for them and then let them paint their creations sometime next week. If I ever do this camp again I’ll have to schedule drying time into the week’s agenda because painting a paper maché creation is kind of the best part!


Clean- up is not so much the best part. Don’t try this at home folks. Or do try it but keep in mind that however many hours that you are having fun you will also need to spend just as many hours cleaning up the fun, maybe even more. Scraping off dried flour paste is not my favorite way to spend the afternoon.

I had wanted to host this class outside and just hose it down but since summertime temperatures were nearing the 90’s, we nixed that idea.  It was definitely nice to craft in the nice air conditioning but my house was a wreck for a week.


On the fourth day of Art Camp we played with cardboard. You know how I feel about cardboard. It’s my favorite! I was thinking of handing out box cutters to the kids but then I started imagining trips to the ER so I ended up doing most of the cutting myself. They designed, I cut.


Bug and Joon both made wings and swords which they are talking about using for Halloween costumes but you know how that goes. They’ll change their minds weekly all the way until October and then decide they must have a costume from the costume store.


Bug and Joon were lucky enough to live here and after everyone else left I let them break out my collection of spray paint. We don’t mess around in this house.


The other girls got to paint with regular acrylics and glitter…


and pom poms! Lots and lots of pom poms.

It was a blast. Next up Day Five: The Watercolor Pool Party!