Sand Castle Festival 05

Every year I look forward to the annual sand castle festival at the beach. Last year we entered the contest. We had a blast. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to enter again because they always have the festival on Sundays and Sundays are sacred days in my family. That means no skipping church just to build castles in the sand. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t find time to come out to visit me and the castles in the afternoon!

I love my family.

Garage Sale 2.0

Maybe I didn’t inhale enough dust the last time around. I thought we were done with garage sales. It’s a lot of work and somehow we usually end up with more junk than we started with. I guess I just have amnesia because when I got pregnant (and decided to purge a zillion things from my small house to make room for a baby) a garage sale seemed like a swell idea.

So this weekend we had another garage sale at my mom’s. My nieces helped. They made $22 selling lemonade and brownies all by themselves! Not too shabby.