Uninspired Hair Day

Uninspired Hair Day

This is my new hair. It’s sort of a shaggy mullet. All the rage I guess. Not that I’m the type to follow trends. I just do what my hairdresser says. Like let her talk me into growing out my bangs AGAIN. I seem to like torture.

Now here’s a list because I have no inspiration today.

1. Toby’s mom is back home.
2. It took me three hours and fifty-seven customer service representatives to get her phone connected again.
3. Meals on Wheels refuses to deliver her food because she has a kitchen.
3.5 She doesn’t even have the strength to get to her kitchen.
4. Crazy Landlady will not look at me as I come down the stairs in the morning.
5. Our new neighbors seem cool. They painted their garage floor today.
5. The Things have lice.
6. I itch, but I do not have lice.
7. I suck at learning Moveable Type just like I suck at learning French
8. I need an overdraft protection abuse support group.
9. Toby is watching the most annoying cop show in the background while I type this.
10. I cannot think while the stupid annoying cop show is distracting me.

Happy Valentines, Pass the Permethrin

Pass the Permethrin

My hair smells like moldy chrysanthemums. But not because I’ve been rolling around in a bed of flowers. No, I just washed my hair with lice shampoo. How romantic is that? I don’t think I have lice but I had to be sure. I baby sat the Things and they had lice. So I stopped by the drug store on the way home and joined the masses buying cheap candy and cheesy Valentine’s cards except I had a bottle of Nix with my candy. I bought myself a Score bar.

I hate to leave you with this post for the next few days (or weeks depending on how long it takes to transfer this monstrosity of a blog over to Moveable Type) but that’s all I got tonight and unfortunately I don’t know when I’ll be able to post again. Apparently blogger is so afraid of losing me as a customer that they are holding my archives ransom. I was thinking it was about time to roll those old moldy blog posts to rest anyway.

In the meantime, a humongous THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who donated money to my Send SAJ to Paris fund via the valentines and anti-valentines. I really really appreciate it. I raised $128 from those Valentines. I owe it all to you. Thank you! I hope to put that money to good use buying postcards and sending them back to you! So how much does it cost to mail a postcard from France to the US anyway?