I Look Like a Mom

I got my hair chopped. It’s a little too short and a little too uniform but that will fix itself in a few weeks. My hair never stays smooth, it always gets a little shaggy with time. I think I like it. I’m not sure. I’m just having issues with trying to take a picture of myself that I like. I used to be so photogenic, I never minded having my picture taken. Now I can’t even take a picture from my most flattering angle (above, looking down) and have it turn out.

I guess I just have to accept it. I look like a mom.

Un Coupe Tres Jolie!

Un Coupe Tres Jolie!

So what do you think my favorite souvenir from Paris is? Yes!!! You guessed it! My new hair cut!!! The shag had to go, it was just too much trouble. Between bobbing pinning my long long bangs back or just constantly pushing them behind my ears, I was just at my wits end with the shaggy hair shagging. I know it was a nice cut and I see it on all kinds of stylish women but it just wasn’t the cut for me. I think what clinched it was when my mother-in-law told me how cute I looked in short hair. That was all it took. From that moment on I was on the look-out for a hair salon no matter what language they spoke.

I walked into the trendiest salon I could find on our hotel street and motioned the universal signal for “chop” at my chin. My cute gay hair dresser perfectly understood and gave me the best flippy haircut I’ve ever had. Plus he totally gave me “the massage” while getting my hair shampooed. Better than I’ve ever had before, I mean massaging my cheek bones and the back of my neck. I almost started purring. I actually started to worry that he might not be gay… it was that good.

If you live in Paris, you must check this place out. Here is the address: Azumi Coiffure at 111 boulevard Saint-Michael, 75005 Paris. Please tell them the American girl from California sent you. Tell them that I really really love my haircut. I don’t think I was able to convey that properly in my guide-book French even though I was smiling big big smiles all the way out the door.