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    Surf Dog in progress

    What? Doesn’t everybody keep half done paintings in their kitchen next to the dirty dishes? No? Oh, okay. Well, this one is here because I had to quick put it up somewhere before Baby Bug woke up from her nap and decided it would be really fun to stick her fingers in the wet sticky paint.

    She wants to paint like me so bad. I don’t blame her. Painting is fun and even more fun if someone is constantly telling you that you can’t. One of these days I think I’ll coral her on the patio, cover everything with plastic and let her go crazy on the back of one of my canvasses. Who knows, a Baby Bug hand print might add value.

    The big paintings have this really awful logo on the back of them because they used to be hotel art that my friend bought for me from Ross and I painted over them. On the back, next to the $199 price sticker marked down to $4.99, they say something like “hand painted by Michael McEightiesGuy”. I’m thinking I need to paint over that with something cute like a giant dog head or maybe some hand prints a la Baby Bug.

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    that's mr. pupcake, to you

    Guess what kind of cupcakes we’re going to have a the Dog Art Gallery Show? Pupcakes of course! I made some test samples at my mom’s. These are regular red velvet box mix ones with cream cheese frosting, darkened with cocoa. I think we’ll make up a whole varity for the show. White cake mix with chocolate chips could be dalmations. Coconut topped ones could be fluffy poodles. Of course there’s every shade of chocolate which are all happy dog colors. I could go on and on…

    If you’re on a diet, you can take this one home.


    It has zero calories.

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