pictorial post

How Santa really gets around.

Santa and her Wheely Bug. Now you know how Santa really gets around.


Lately I feel like I better take pictures of these before they go extinct.

Santa and Bug

The kid who is not afraid of Santa… I’m not sure that’s a good thing. She told him she wants markers for Christmas. I told her Santa wasn’t going to bring her any if she didn’t remember to put the lids back on the ones she already has. Poor kid might be coloring with coal soon.

little girl walking

Little Girl Walking.

she jumped right out of my photo!

And Bouncing! She jumped right out of my picture, I swear!


And me.

Not all my ideas are good.

beautiful failure

I’ve been thinking up Christmas crafts for my next installment over at Alpha+Mom and my recent projects have gone horribly wrong. Luckily, I have enough time before my next post is due to test them out. But I thought you’d like to see my latest failure.

wrapping party

I had this idea that I would take some yarn in pretty colors, dunk it in liquid starch, wrap it around some styrofoam cones and make these really cool cone-shaped string trees. Not string cheese, string trees. Cool idea, right?

string trees


Bethany took some really pretty pictures of the craft while it was going down. It had so much promise…

first sign things are not really going to turn out

But the next morning, after the starch had dried, things did not go well. That yarn and string would not budge! I pushed and pulled. I finally had to loosen the yarn with a knife.

uh...this doesn't look right

What came off looked pretty sad. Not really very cone-like at all. I fully expect to see this on Craftastrophe someday.

Princess Leia?

Maybe I could save them for Halloween next year and be Princess Leia in neon.

elephant snout? monkey, er I mean elephant see, elephant do

Or an elephant?

I think I’ll take another crack at this. Maybe I’ll try more starch or putting some tinfoil down on the cone first…I don’t know. It might work, it might not. Good thing I have about five more ideas up my sleeve.