catching up


New Moon sucked. I could write a whole post about how disappointed I was. Maybe I will someday. Also, I met Lauren who is visiting from Australlia. She’s cool! We decided we don’t want to move to Australia after all. I guess their politics are just as messed up as ours. Bummer. I kinda liked the thought of living with kangaroos and wombats.


I’ve been sort of on a downer lately. But don’t worry. I always do this. It’s part of being artistic and moody and stuff. I always snap out of it. I just need to cut down on sugar and caffeine and get some exercise and maybe some iron.


Party plans are cranking along thanks to you guys and all your fantastic suggestions! Woot!


I guess I never posted this one. Probably because I didn’t want to discuss finances. So tacky. So please ignore.


And lastly I’m thinking of a hair cut. This always happens when I’m wanting a major life change. Not that my life sucks or anything. It doesn’t. I’m just not appreciating it to it’s fullest like I should be.

Where did I leave my head?


This is what my brain feels like right now. Fractured. I have so much going on I don’t know which end is up and yet it’s not like I’m conducting brain surgery or rocket science or anything. All I’m doing is traveling between Bethany’s house and my mom’s house and helping out with various events. Not that big of a deal but I feel like I haven’t been home for more than one day a week. Which doesn’t leave a lot of time for cleaning up after my disgusting cats or cooking for my husband who is slaving away making the money that I seem to be spending faster than a forrest fire.

And November was supposed to be my slow month!

But whatever. I’m sure everyone who is reading this is probably experiencing the same feelings, if not worse. I just wanted to pop in and say hi and tell you that if I had a minute I would be blogging about it but my minutes are whooshing past me faster than I can record them.

I think I need to go get my hair cut or something, if only for those precious minutes when the hair-washer massages your head. Wouldn’t that feel good right now?