“Just Wear It” brought to you by Bug


So as you can see I have pretty much a good choice of fashion. It’s not that good but I’ll just go with it. When I get dressed in the morning I have to think of something that is not too pink or not too purple because I don’t like girl colors.  But I chose pink because that dress the perfect dress for the weather I was in. It was really hot. I toned down the girly-ness with my cool payless vans and mis-matched socks. I have to wear a shrug because at my school there’s rules for no spaghetti straps and that dress has spaghetti straps. So I have to keep my shrug on all day long.


Now don’t think I’m Princess Leia with all those cute little buns. I wanted to be the queen of the ocean.  So I pretty much choosed my favorite color turquoise for my fashion. I topped it off with my white sweater because I like how it’s kind of like an ice berg. It’s kind of itchy though. But it’s sparkly. The guitar is just a prop so my outfit looks cooler. I didn’t wear it to school.  How am I supposed to wear a guitar? They wouldn’t really let me wear a guitar to school anyway.  Shoes: I wear them every day.


I was sort of wearing the same shirt and shorts as the above picture but it was cold so I put a sweater on and some leg warmers. These are from when I was a baby. They still fit me. The nails are nothing special. The headband: I usually wear headbands every day. They’re my fashion statement.

Over and Out,

Bug Fashionista

Smart Dressed Woman


I know taking fashion tips from me is like taking stock market tips from your hairdresser but I have to say that I am LOVING the long long skirts that seem to be everywhere this Spring. It started out for me when my Aunt gave me about fifty* ankle-length hand-me-down floral skirts last year. She is a seamstress and one of her clients is quite tall. This client also likes to shop a lot and when she gets tired of her old clothes she gives them to my Aunt who then passes them on to me. It’s great.

I’m not as tall as this client so the skirts all come to my ankles and I LOVE it. I don’t feel dwarfed by them at all. Bring on the length! Hide my tree-trunk legs with your swishy goodness! Sometimes I tie up the skirts in knots at my knees, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I pull the elastic waist line all the way up to my bust and wear them as a strapless dress. Dress it up with heels, dress it down with flip flops, these long flowing skirts are making me love getting dressed in the morning—and that says a lot.

I figured I just had good luck with the hand-me-downs but then my mom bought me a stretchy knit skirt that also came down to my ankles. Best skirt ever. I could live in that skirt. It’s soooo comfortable and it looks good too.

Then this last week I had a job interview (I know, big news. More on that later.) and I went to the mall to buy one of those wildly-overpricedm fancy, cone curling irons from the little carts that sit outside in the mall courtyards.

Well, as I was standing there waiting for the salesgirl to finish demonstrating mermaid curls on a twelve-year-old, I meandered into one of those cheap teeny bopper stores. I never shop if I can help it and I never shop in cheap teenybopper stores but the store was right there and I didn’t want to hover at the cart too much. I don’t want them to think I’m that eager to spend a hundred and forty bucks on a stupid hair tool. Pffft, talk about a lesson in economics… I was so reamed.

Guess what? The walls of the teenybopper store were lined with those stretchy ankle-length skirts. They were everywhere! Stipes, graphics, floral, even leopard print! It’s like somebody has been taking fashion inspiration from me. How could that happen?! I am not fashionable. Maybe it’s payback for those damn skinny jeans that make me look like I have radishes for legs. It’s about time.

I don’t care. I’m just happy.

*maybe not 50 but I seriously have a lot of skirts.