Adventure with the Niececompoops

Who me? Spoil my nieces? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

My mom and I and the niececompoops went to Starbucks yesterday. We felt like a drive and drove all the way to Temecula from Hemet. We wanted to sit and talk and we figured out that it’s a lot easier to talk while the kids are strapped into their car seats and one is lulled to sleep than when they are running around like wild Indians in the yard. Of course Rapunzel thought the drive was very dull and did not agree. What else is new? She’s seven.

The thing about Starbucks yesterday, was that they were giving out little itty bitty samples of java chip ice cream. The containers were so small and cute I couldn’t resist letting my nieces devour one between them. The problem with that was they also packed a punch of caffeine and we payed and payed and payed for that mistake the rest of the day. Kids plus caffeine equals not a good idea.

When we got home, the kids played in the mud. It’s the only thing that keeps them occupied for more than 20 minutes at a time. Rapunzel didn’t really listen when my mom said NOT to give her little sister a mud facial on her back (a backial?). You may remember another time this happened. I guess the fond memories and pictures were the encouragement Rapunzel needed to disobey. So poor Rapunzel got sent straight to the bathtub and that might account for her story here.

Buy My Brother’s House!

Buy My Brother’s House!

My brother and sister-in-law put their house up for sale yesterday. They’ve been cleaning and painting and generally upgrading the place since I was just there in May. My mom is babysitting their wild Tasmanian devil kids so they could really get down to business of fixing their place up and yesterday when I looked at the virtual tour I was knocked down-drag-out amazed. It looks AWESOME!!! (Click on the Next arrow at right to skip from room to room) I hope it sells this weekend. I wish I had some before pictures so you could see what they did. Here’s a hint. You couldn’t really see the floor before.

Sure, I’d love to see a fluffy white shag rug and maybe some groovy IKEA lamps instead of their CostCo special entertainment center and a bazillion cords connected to their little pc computer work station but from what it used to be, this is stellar. They could have cleaned the fish tank but my sister-in-law said they weren’t entirely ready when the realator came out to take the pictures. In spite of the fish tank, they really have made it look 100 times better. It looks amazing.

In fact I hope you buy it! If there is anybody who lives in the Chicago area and knows what a cute quaint little town St. Charles is and you’re not really looking for the big country farm yet, my brother’s house is a steal! It’s really a bachelor pad. It wasn’t really meant to house a family of four but my brother made do. Plus, it comes with the magical fairy room that I painted! I love the virtual tour because you can actually see it. I’m totally having second thoughts about the neon lime green bed but well, that was then, this is now. I’ll blame it on my niece. She picked the color. Wait. No, I picked it. Well, anyway I had a moment of temporary insanity.

Isn’t it cool? Wouldn’t a bachelor love to entertain his lady friends in the fairy room with the nifty loft bed?! There’s even room to play with the little girl kitchen center below. They could really cook up some good times I tell you.

The sooner they sell their house, the sooner they can truck out to California and rescue my mom who is at her wit’s end trying to keep a house clean with a seven-year-old and a two-year-old running around.

Please buy my brother’s house. Did you see his backyard?!! I mean the vacant lot that is next to it that makes it look like he lives way way out in the country? It’s lovely! It’s owned by the city or a utility company so they come and mow it frequently and I don’t think they have any plans soon to develop it. It’s a great lot to play in. That’s where my nieces and I built snow men!

I’m going to miss that place but it will be great to have my whole family back in one state again.