• B reviews,  elsewhere!

    Everywhere but here!

    mr. cardboard face is not happy

    It’s a party over at my review blog these days!

    I’m giving away a free Rattles cd. Right now nobody has commented so this one has pretty good odds! It’s not a bad cd either if you need to add to your kid-music collection.

    My second post for Kellogg’s Share Your Story program is up. We’re talking about that one thing you wanted to do for fun this summer but just didn’t pull off. Come join the discussion and enter to win $100!


    My Juicy Juice review is up where I polled the kids in the playground much to my tweeny-bopper niece’s dismay. That’s what Aunts are for, right? So check that out and enter to win $100 AND a Juicy Juice Prize Pack. Everybody loves prize packs.

  • B reviews,  elsewhere!

    Share Your Story


    I’m participating in a share-your-story program for Kellogg’s Love Your Cereal over on my review blog. I know you guys are probably thinking I write way too many reviews these days but I swear, it’s sheer coincidence and the fact that I need the extra funds.

    That said, I never participate in a review that I can’t be honest about. While I am the queen of writing puff pieces (a left-over trait from my journalism days), I just want you to know that I would never write something that I didn’t believe in.

    So there you go! Check out my story about our morning routines! I’ll be writing these posts every week and giving away $100 gift cards every time! I feel like Robin Hood!

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