pictorial post

How Santa really gets around.

Santa and her Wheely Bug. Now you know how Santa really gets around.


Lately I feel like I better take pictures of these before they go extinct.

Santa and Bug

The kid who is not afraid of Santa… I’m not sure that’s a good thing. She told him she wants markers for Christmas. I told her Santa wasn’t going to bring her any if she didn’t remember to put the lids back on the ones she already has. Poor kid might be coloring with coal soon.

little girl walking

Little Girl Walking.

she jumped right out of my photo!

And Bouncing! She jumped right out of my picture, I swear!


And me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

hand turkeys keep popping up all over

May all your turkeys be space turkeys.

"it's a space turkey"

Wait. What?

I don’t know. Ask Bug.

And yes, I know tomorrow is Thanksgiving, not today. This post if for all you workin’ turkeys who will be off today at 3pm or earlier and won’t be checking your blogs tomorrow because you’ll be so busy cooking and eating and drinking and stuff. Also, I have bigger things to post tomorrow.