The secret of being a bore…

DEC 17, 2009


…is to tell everything —Voltaire. But that’s not going to stop me of course.


1. I’m combatting my stiff neck by drinking less coffee. It’s just as dreadful as you’d think.
2. I sent my jumper material home with my mom. She’s more optimistic than I am.
3. When I say I need to de-clutter. I’m talking about the mess Bug and I make.
4. I sort of petered out on the last sketch… I meant to go back and draw more and color it in but then I forgot and now I’m over it.

Big Plans Today


If you can call a trip to an independent fabric store and a walk downtown an adventure. I totally call it an adventure. Just think of the photos I could take!

After being holed up in the house all day yesterday, supposedly sewing on my grand quilt project (FAIL FAIL), I think we are due for some fresh outside air. At least Bug is due for some. Poor kid, she’s getting pretty sick of tv and us ignoring her.