Thursday is Box Day

being baby bug

…because Friday is Trash Day. (the coffee shop next door saves them for us) I like it that every day in my week now has a name. Monday is Grocery Shopping Day, Tuesday is Laundry Day, Wednesday is Hang-Out with Mother-in-Law Day, Thursday is Friend Day (as in make plans with a friend, you hermit) OR Box Day (if you failed to make plans with a friend, you hermit) and Friday is Trash Day! Whee it’s so fun to watch the smashing noisy trash trucks, definitely a highlight in our week. Saturday is Farmers Market Day and Sunday is well… Sunday, the Lord’s Day and also Family Day. But then every day is “family day” at our house so Sunday just Sunday.

Don’t you feel so updated now? Boy, that was interesting. Almost as interesting as twittering what I’m doing every minute of the day. Speaking of… we now feature Baby Bug’s twitters over there in the right-hand upper corner where the side blogs used to be. Remember those? They were cool. So sad how they didn’t play well with the new wordpress upgrade and COMPLETELY SCREWED UP MY WHOLE BLOG AND DELETED MY EMAIL ACCOUNTS! Yeah, I’m a little wound up about it. I’ve been without email for the last two days. Who knew that could send me into such a spin.

the portal is CLOSED

I have my laptop set up on the counter that is between our kitchen and our living room. It’s an excellent place for it because it is central and right out in the middle of everything so I can constantly hop online to read an email or twitter or something and still watch Baby Bug with the eyeballs in the back of my head. The only drawback is that it’s in bright sunlight and it is impossible for me to see color in the middle of the day. But that’s okay. I’d rather be color blind than completely disconnected to my virtual world.

You thought this post was going to be about boxes but actually it is about my addiction to the internet. Something I came to terms with during the two long days that my email was cut off. You see, I have my email set to “ping” at me if there is a new email. It checks every five minutes. I can hear this “ping” all over the house. I am like Pavlov’s dog and when I hear that “ping”, I jump up from whatever I am doing and slobber over to my laptop to read the latest message of wonderfulness (or spam). It’s terrible.

It’s so bad that when family members hears the “ping” they now say, “Auntie got an email!” Sometimes I turn it off but then I get lonely for it and turn it back on. Toby says, “How can you live under the tyranny that is your email?” I don’t know. It’s not a tyranny to me. It is like little sweet somethings in my ear all day long. It is my life. I’m not one of those moms who says, “I can’t wait to get out and talk to some adults” after spending all day with a little tyke. I spend all day with my little tyke and about a thousand friends online. Well, maybe not a thousand but a lot. I don’t miss real people much.

Maybe you have this addiction too? If you can finish the sentence below with more than three positive things, you might understand how I feel. But lets switch gears and put in blogging instead of emailing because in reality, blogging is the cause of all my emailing and it does take up bigger chunks of my productive (the-baby-is-sleeping) time.

Okay here’s the sentence:

If I didn’t blog, I would…

What would you do? If you don’t have a blog then put “read blogs” in there instead.

If you were me, you would do A LOT OF THINGS!!!! LIke paint some paintings for that real art show you are actually going to be in (in August ACK!). Remember that dream you always had since you were eight? Or you might actually break out the sewing machine and work on that fabric plush laptop that you day-dreamed up for Baby Bug because she wants to be just like you and play all day on the shiny silver portal. Or you might fix the caulking in the bathtub that Baby Bug wants to play with every night when she takes a bath.

The possibilities are ENDLESS! And you know I would do these things because I am a very driven person and I love praise. If I didn’t get praise on my blog then I would seek it diligently elsewhere. I have a sickness that way. So that brings us to the obvious conclusion. Time to stop blogging.

Ha Ha ha ha !

Nope. Can’t do it.

I just have to develop some other super powers because I just can’t stop. I won’t. Maybe I’ll think about “streamlining” as Whoorl suggested. Maybe I’ll force myself to shut the laptop for certain hours of the day but I can’t stop. I will stop sleeping first.

Okay, so go comment now so I can hear your email pinging at me all day long because it is so sweet after being gone for two whole days. I love you, my little pingers!

p.s. I am abandoning my animated gifs and adopting the flickr picture route to save space on my server. I know, it’s new and different and will take getting used to but it is a good thing. My blog needed to go on a diet.

the great bus adventure

I am the super funnest mom of the whole world. Why? Because today I decided to PUSH Baby Bug in her toy bus ALL THE WAY TO THE PARK!!!! (It’s about a half mile which would make it a whole mile round trip.) Why would I do this when the stroller works just fine? Because I’m a crazy whack job and I was bored out of my skull of the same old routine.

It was definitely not the same old routine. You get a whole new perspective on your neighborhood when you’re bent nearly in half and pushing a rattly little plastic toy over rough sidewalk and gravel. Here, let me draw you a diagram so you can see how this was done.

Yep. That’s me, bent in half with my butt crack showing for the whole world to see. These are the things you do when you’re a mom. Vanity goes out the window in order to save your sanity. You should have seen the looks I got from people passing me by in their cars.

It was fun actually. I even made a semi-lame movie (1.11 mb quicktime) of the whole debackle. Don’t be fooled by the epic music. It could be a great movie but I didn’t film very much because, as I said, I was bent in half and it was tiring! Also, I didn’t think ahead and realize that this would make a great blog post later on. So watch the movie but don’t get your hopes up for any great comic ending. It sorta just peters out.

Of course, you know what this means now. It means every other day after today, I’m going to be the most super boring mom of the whole world because we are not pushing the bus to the park ever again.