New Coffee Shop in Town


Klink! Klink! Klink!? That’s me knocking on your computer screen. Is this thing on? I apologize. I think I forgot how to write blog posts which is really silly because I used to be really good at it. Anyway, I’m checking in because I need to roll some content around here so that I can show off my new banner.

See? Hit refresh. New banner! Going with a pool theme this month since that’s where I seem to be most of the time.

It’s actually been a real break through for me to take my laptop to the pool. Bug is happy swimming. I’m happy working. Happy Happy and the bills get paid! Woo hoo!

Bug can spend hours (literally hours on end) at the pool and requires very little from me. Just an occasional, “Look at me, Mommy!” I smile and watch while she does a summersault under water or figures out how to swim from the three feet to the eight feet all by herself. Seriously, she has taught herself how to swim this summer. No lessons. Just time. Hours and hours and hours of time at the pool. Who knew?!! Of course she’ll probably have lessons at some point to train the doggy paddling out of her but at least she won’t drown.

In other news, there is a new coffee shop in my neighborhood. This is amazing news because I now live within walking distance of every single thing I need. Grocery store? check. Bank? check. Post Office? check. Dumb Subway sandwich shop that I hate and Bug loves? check. Interesting Asian restaurants? check. Nail salon and Hair salon? check. Local farm with amazing produce? check! Nature preserve with trails for running? Check! It’s a great neighborhood. But it was sorely missing a coffee shop. There were some I could walk to but they were far. Far enough that I had to put on work out clothes and consider it a workout—which is good but not so good when you just want an iced coffee pick me up.

Of course dropping by my new coffee shop everyday is not so great for my budget (cha-ching!) but it’s amazing for my instagram feed. I’m thinking if I ask for a latte every day in a glass mug, one of these days I’ll capture some really amazing foam art. It might take a while though because the baristas are still kinda new at foam art but I’m thinking with some positive feedback we’ll get there.

I follow aguynamedpatrick on instagram and I dream of being like him, taking pictures of cortados everyday. What is a cortado anyway? We’ll just have to find out, me and my new coffee shop. It’ll be good for both of us.

I see BIG things…


If you follow my instagram feed you’ve probably been wondering what is up with all the GREAT BIG GIANT cardboard things lately. Well, let me tell you! It’s so exciting and it’s really in the early stages so things could change a lot over the next year but I’m involved in a new start-up company called Metta Prints. They print anything and everything in large format and they cut them out with a giant robot. It’s pretty cool. I think we’re going to make a little movie about the process eventually.

Usually people blow up photos of their kids for birthday parties or life-size cardboard cut-outs of Justin Beiber or giant flowers for their walls…but they’ve partnered with me to blow up graphics. SAJ graphics! You know me, I’m all about the cardboard. We’ve been making all kinds of things.


Giant Eiffel Towers, giant ampersands… Yes, Secret Agent Josephine in Paris is supposed to come out this fall. I’m going to make a giant SAJ character next and hide her behind doors and freak everyone out. It’s going to be so much fun.

Basically right now I am helping Metta Prints build their website so we are making things and photographing them. The site works but it’s very much in beta stage right now. If you want something big, like really really big, just hit me up. I can make it happen for you. Eventually we are going to have contests and giveaways and all kinds of fun things. There’s talk of a Build Your Own Monster interface. How fun would that be?!! We might make furniture and giant cardboard castles. Who knows…the sky’s the limit. Actually, I think eight feet is the limit but that’s plenty big enough for me!


If you are a photographer and you are looking for props or maybe you’re having a family reunion and you need a giant cut-out of the family name you might want to keep Metta Prints in mind. Email me. Wouldn’t a giant ampersand be the cutest thing for engagement photos?


You think on that and I’ll go drink my BIG GIANT COFFEE and wait for you.