Let’s Do This!


We are so ready for this party!  Posters are made, playlist is burning to a cd, macarons have been ordered (salted caramel, passion fruit, lemon, almond and raspberry!).  They are SO good! I can’t wait for everyone to try one.  The giant Eiffel Tower has been assembled, thanks to my Dad and brother arriving. Yes! My brother is in town. He’s part of a big surprise for the party so stay tuned.  Now we just wait for the books to arrive. Wait, what? The books aren’t here yet? No, they are not. But I have been assured by my trusty publisher that they will arrive just in time. Cross your fingers and say a prayer for me!

Tomorrow (or today since I’m getting this post up so late) is a BIG day!!

I’ve got some really great bloggers set to review the book. I’ll link them here tomorrow, if I’m not running around too crazy. Otherwise stay tuned on instagram and facebook and tell everyone you know to go buy my book!  Woohoo!

UPDATE: The reviews are trickling in:

Pancakes and Frenchfries: Is SAJ in Paris NOT a great book for boys?

For the Love of Approachable Modern Style

Amalah the Great on alphamom.com



Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go paint my nails gold!  Hope to see you there!

I Have Exciting Book News!



I know I’ve talked about Secret Agent Josephine in Paris for what seems like years now but guess what? It’s actually happening!  After many rewrites and a major plot change, it is officially launching this November. Mark your calendars!!

I worked on it so long I got a little sick of it but now that it’s put to bed and I’ve had some space, I’ve started to fall in love with it again. I think you guys will too. It’s a sweet story near to my heart with all my favorite illustrations of Paris! Oui! Oui!

The big launch party is planned for November 8th (time still tbd) in this cute little boutique photography studio in downtown San Juan Capistrano. I’ve always loved that area and I couldn’t be happier with the venue. Old brick walls, big windows, polished cement floor, breezy entryways (across from Starbucks and that famous Swallow dive bar)…it’s the perfect space.

I’m so happy to be collaborating with Vanessa Brooke, a very talented photographer. I might have to hit her up for new author photos! Check out her work. So good!




In the meantime I’m on their calendar for storytime every first Tuesday of the month. How exciting, no?  If you are local, please come!  I need all the support I can get.

I haven’t actually read publicly before but I figure if I can teach a watercolor class to a bunch of women I can probably manage reading my bunny books (that last about a minute each) to a bunch of little kids. Then we’ll do crafts and maybe have a snack. I think it will be a blast.


Since you have your calendars out I tentatively have a Halloween reading of Who’s There Little Hoo planned for October 29th.  Lots of book news!  If anyone wants to get involved please email me. I’m currently looking for blogs to review SAJ in Paris but supplies are limited (hardback this time! as well as e-book of course, ebooks are not as limited, just email me and we’ll hash it out.)!