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    Back to School Bangs


    You’d never know it from this picture that Bug decided to cut bangs the night before school registration. That’s not a good idea because registration day is also picture day and if anyone knows anything, it is NOT a good idea to give yourself a home job haircut the day before a picture day. That’s common sense, right? It’s pretty much the perfect recipe for a freshman in high school disaster.

    But you don’t know Bug. Or maybe you do. When Bug gets a bee in her bonnet she will NOT give up on it ever ever ever. She is the master manipulator and I am a sorry excuse for a strict parent.

    She started begging me to take her to a hair salon around noon the day before registration. That was an easy no because hair salons are closed right now due to covid. Or at least the hair salons we go to are and even if we did find one that is open, it’s not likely that we could get an appointment that day.

    So she came back and begged me to cut them. I said no for about four hours straight. And then I gave in. Because I am the master bang-cutter, after all. I’ve been cutting my own bangs since I turned twelve myself. She appealed to my ego. I told you she’s a master manipulator.

    So we cut. I cut very very very cautiously. Just a little smidge of a bit and let her check to see if they were okay. The last thing I wanted was to cut too much hair and have her blame her first day of high school nightmare on me. Bit by bit by bit by bit. It took forever.

    Finally she was okay with it. Mostly. At this point I went to bed. I get tired early and it was nine o’clock. I knew she wasn’t completely happy with her homestyle bang job but what can you do? I am not a professional hairstylist.


    An hour later she woke me up, convinced we needed to cut more. I could hear the desperation in her voice AND at this point I was pretty much okay with her having a bad hair day. If you are going to wake me up to cut your hair, you better be okay with the haircut you get. That’s what I say.

    So we snipped. And she realized that was the best she was going to get.

    Surprisingly she ended up liking her new side swoopy greasy Farrah Fawcett style bangs. They do suit her! What can I say? My kid can pretty much rock anything. She has very thin hair like her dad so adding a bit of a wave around her eyes frames her face nicely. I was surprised!

    Registration went well, her pictures turned out cute and yesterday was the first day of school. First day of school at home that is.


    She sent me this picture from her room at her dad’s house all geared up to start school. I miss taking first day of school photos but I can see from all the other parents I follow on social media, that this sort of selfie is the new normal. School at home is the new normal and things are going pretty smoothly. It’s only been two days but the girls seem to be accepting it.


    Joon sent me a photo too. With fake snapchat freckles no less. She has no idea that I used to HATE my freckles when I was her age.

    So so far so good. We’ll see how the year goes. One in high school. One in middle school. I’ll keep you posted. With their permission of course. And yes, I did get permission to post these photos. :)

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    I’m still here!


    I had a bit of a panic attack, crossed with an identity crisis over the last trip post that I blogged. Don’t bother looking. It’s not there anymore. I took it down. I tend to over-think everything. I write something, then I filter it through everyone’s eyes one by one as I think of them. It’s crazy-making. I lie awake at night (4am usually) and think of you all one by one. Don’t you feel special?

    So I took the post down and I’m going to temporarily abandon the blogging of “that trip.” It’s just not a good time for me. Nobody called me out on anything and no family members were even offended.  It’s presumptuous that I even made it an issue (as if I’m on anyone’s radar) but just the same, I suffer from anxiety so I had to take it down.  I’m so scared of saying the wrong thing that I paralyze myself.  Going forward, for now, I’m going to stick to subjects that I feel more comfortable with. I’m sorry to be vanilla and not stand up for something but this is my comfort zone. It’s either this or just take the whole site down, which I plan to do one of these days anyway as soon as I figure out how to make a book (for myself) out of 20 years of archives. TWENTY YEARS! It’s actually only 15 because the first five are lost somewhere on my server but still, I’ve been writing on this website for twenty years!


    I’m sorry I have stage fright. I’m sure it will pass.


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