July 15th 2020


Captains Log 07152020… wait, I’m not even sure how that goes. I watched Star Trek for a brief period during my college years when I lived with my Aunt and her family but I don’t remember much. I was a fan though. Just not a loyal fan, I guess.

Anyway, I don’t have a lot to write about today. A few topics have been swirling around in my head but none of them are grabbing me.

  1. Wide pants from eshacti. It’s time to kick Stitch Fix.
  2. Bug cooking dinner. Her old soul demeanor humbles me.
  3. Learning to like sparkling water.
  4. Puppuccinos for the dogs in the mornings at the nearby Starbucks. Did you know having a Starbucks within walking distance of your house can increase your house’s value? I had no idea. Fun tip from my morning talks with my Dad.
  5. My mom’s amazing weight loss journey and how we are writing a book about it. Not really, we’re just writing a notebook with tips and tricks. We just need a nutritionist and we could take this on the road. Kidding. Sort of.
  6. My love affair with Belle Robertson, author of Tired of Thinking About Drinking (especially the “okay, goodbyeeeeee!” one minute messages).
  7. CAMPING! We are leaving soon and of course I have typed up a massive list of things to pack.
  8. What if they don’t let us camp because of covid? So far so good.
  9. Garden News (we took a blow from the powdery mold monster), new nylon bags and how not to plant your plants too close together next year so your cucumbers don’t taste like squash and your squash doesn’t taste like cucumber.
  10. Sewing plans.
  11. My new characters Bandit and Su. I actually already wrote about them over here.
  12. Pulling from the Brenda’s Book of proverbs, life lessons, criticisms and hard knocks.
  13. Out in my shed looking at old journals. So many!
  14. Monday Morning Disease, 6 o’clock drink o’clock, Morning Mantras, Cold Showers and other tricks

What do you got? Anything you’d like me to wax on about now that I’m in the habit writing every morning? No promises though. You know me. This could just be a phase that could dry up tomorrow for all I know.

We leave tomorrow for our long-awaited camping trip and I’m NOT taking my computer with me. I know. Such self-control, right? Heh. I will be instagramming whenever I find wifi of course. I’ll be up at the general store standing in that one corner that has cell coverage with my mask on, six-feet away from all the other wifi-seeking city-slickers.

If any local thieves are reading this I just want you to know that my house is heavily alarmed, fully camera-ed up AND I am having someone check in on my cat who is a Krav Maga master.

Love you guys!

Sorry, Blorry

I’m going to have to be a little more creative in my posting these days. I’ve been writing a lot because I started to use my morning time (where I used to journal in my moleskin journal and read a few pages in a book I’m trudging through) to blog instead. It’s working brilliantly for creating more blog content and helping my peace of mine but the problem is: it’s PUBLIC! Doh. One-big-eye-one-squinty-eye-tongue-out emoji here.

Of course I knew that but I took comfort in the thought that this blog had sort of fallen by the wayside AND I have been writing so much that most of the world doesn’t read that much. You know, we are all just scrollers these days thumbing through countless articles on our phones, skimming just the bare minimum until we get to the nugget of information we are looking for. In fact, I know Payam doesn’t read this blog for that exact reason! Ha! I actually like it that way.

But I forgot about my parents. My mom is so sweet, she reads everything I write. I love her so much. And my last post kind of made her sad and she shared it with my dad. She read it to him while he was knitting a pair of slippers. He has an etsy shop. Yes, my dad is that cool. So you can imagine how my last post hit my parents ears, who tried so hard to give me the best groundwork for a good life that they could.

I think they did an excellent job. They think they’ve failed me. It breaks my heart.

The thing is I love to write. My favorite kind of writing is descriptive writing and specifically writing about things I know. I know I should delve into fiction but it gets sketchy for me because I don’t have the organizational mind at keeping facts straight. I’ve always been a terrible liar. Writing fiction is like work. Whereas writing about a memory just flows out naturally without even thinking.

I’ve often thought I would write a hilarious book about my life and my family and the way I was raised in a conservative religious upbringing but I would have to be like Mark Twain and wait 100 years for it to be published so that those super juicy chapters wouldn’t hurt anyone.

I just want to say that I’m sorry these last few posts have been so navel-gazing. It’s self-therapy sort of. I’ll take the more personal stuff back to my moleskin. I want to keep writing though. It does make me feel good.

Also, today is tax day. Blarg. Send out your payments and/or extensions folks!