• Tis the Season

    Free Little Hoo Valentines!


    I know. I know. I waited way too long to make these but they are here now! And they will be super in time for next year when the book about Little Hoo Valentines comes out. I am having so much fun illustrating a very frustrated Little Hoo crafting. He gets himself in a mess or two. Anyway, here are some FREEEEEEE Valentines for those kids who waited to the last minute to write their Valentines. I’m sorry they are a bit cutesy and mushy and probably totally not cool for boys who like dinosaurs but that’s the way I roll.

    CLICK HERE AND PRINT!  I hope you like them!

    Happy Valentine making!  xoxo


    And if you are really getting into the Valentines mood, please check out my hugs and kisses cookies on alphamom.

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