New Design!


It’s crazy isn’t it? Finally, after all these years I switched over to a simpler design and lost all the silly ads on the side. I had that old template forever!! The ads weren’t making me much money anyway and I didn’t really have the drive to go hunt down sponsors. I don’t know what took me so long. This design is actually a pretty simple responsive theme from wordpress that was modified by my new best friend Teri.

Of course switching up your theme is never easy when you’re a blogger like me (all thumbs and carrying about a thousand years of content) so I needed a lot of hand-holding. In fact, I still do. We lost a post yesterday. That was fun. The transition has been a little glitchy. I’m sure you’ll notice some things are gone and other new things are not working quite the way they should. But that’s to be expected. Poke around, let me know what you like and you don’t like.

I really have no idea if these huge mongo pictures are going to work for the long term. Is it normal to upload 5 megs of images everyday? I might need to rethink that with my present server hosting package. In the meantime it’s fun. I’ve always been more about the visual than words anyway. I know the big pictures crop off on most people’s screens. Does that bug you? Or is it fun to scroll through like a magazine? I’m thinking I like it. Jury is still out though.

My portfolio is not filled out yet. I’m working on that. Hopefully it will be a constant work in progress and always changing. My old one, even though I liked it, was too hard to update and it got really stale really quick. This one is driven by wordpress and a bit more user friendly for non-programming types like me so I should stay on top of it more.

What else is different? I took Eye Spy out and now it’s just a Pinterest widget—which is what it was turning out to be anyway. I love Pinterest.

Any questions? Any requests? Hit me!

Oh! The newsletter! I haven’t learned how to do newsletters yet but I’m thinking it might be really fun. I won’t blast your email boxes with spam, I promise. I’m thinking something monthly with a round-up of news and maybe a printable. I’ll make it worth signing up for.

12 Comments New Design!

  1. John

    I love the new design. For as long as I’ve been reading this blog, it’s been clean looking to me though. :)
    (I mean that in a good way.)

  2. norm

    Lovely as ever! Vibrant design, invites participation. And, you know, I didn’t know you had ads, before. Huh. ;)

  3. TexasLea

    I love the new look! I thought the old one was fine too, but it’s fun to change things up sometimes. I’m catching up on posts and I see you’ve had lots of changes recently! Congrat’s on all the positive ones my friend.

  4. Kuky

    Looks great on an ipad. Pictures look normal though I just realized I can’t see the edges of your banner anymore. It gets cut off at spy int.

  5. Kathy

    I miss being able to see the web version. When I have the choice between web and mobile view I usually choose the web view.

    But otherwise, it is pretty and seems easy to navigate. :)

  6. Chelsea

    It looks great on my computer (I have a Mac). I can see all the pictures perfectly and nothing is cropped and the header is good too. Very nice. I like it.

  7. Elizabeth

    Site looks great! I’ve always thought you had one of the prettiest and easiest-to-navigate blogs on the web. And with the best content, too! And you update often! Can you tell I love your blog? Anyway, it looks great.


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