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I’ve been meaning to write this post since forEVER. I am such a bad friend. I’m sorry Rebecca!

A while back I did some (paid) illustration work for a friend who invented this really super cool t-shirt design. They are basically t-shirts with paper-dolls printed on them that you can velcro different outfits onto. Super cute and fun! Anyway, I wanted to show you all how cool they are in case anybody was looking for something a little different for a little girl in their life for Christmas.

(I should probably just break down and write a gift guide post one of these days. But that’s not really my style. I hate shopping. I just like promoting people that I know and love.)

Part of the reason it took me so long to blog about is that Bug is not into them. It’s a cryin’ shame. But she’s only wears a strict uniform of skinny Hello Kitty shirts so no matter how much I bribed her with pedicures and frozen yogurt, she was just not into taking pictures in a Ypsi Doll shirt.

Ypsi Doll shirts

Good thing her best friend was. :) Though I have to apologize for the photos. I was borrowing a camera and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the white balance right. I tried to fix it in photoshop but I think I lost some detail in the white.

dress her up

So just imagine this t-shirt in crisp white and the outfits vivid and colorful.


My friend Madeline at Maisonette designed the little outfits. Aren’t they cute?

playing t-shirt dolls

They’re pretty fun to play with even if you are too cool to wear them.

Busy Little Crafting Bees

for you!

We have been crafting like crazy around here. A little too crazy if you ask me but I’m thankful for my job and let’s face it, I love it. I’m especially proud of the latest craft we did for The Shiksa: Homemade Hot Chocolate Pouches! She made up the recipe, I made up the packaging. It’s a winner. The hot chocolate is DELICIOUS!!! I don’t think I’ll ever buy store bought again. It’s so easy too. Three ingredients! Seriously. Get yourself over there and make a batch.

Happy Holiday Cheer

Eight Crazy Nights of Cocoa?

Everybody Loves Hot Chocolate

Even Bug, the pickiest eater on the planet who claims she doesn’t like sweet things, loved it. Mmmmmm! mmmm!

Her masterpiece

Then there was the salt dough ornament craft that Little E and I did together on Alpha+Mom. That was so fun. It makes me miss Bug when she was that age.


I think salt dough ornaments should be required in Parenting 101.


We also made an abacus menorah on Alpha+Mom. That’s kind of crazy thing to make but fun. Actually, Bug skipped that craft. That’s okay. I don’t mind crafting all by myself.

Hanukkah Wrapping Paper

Some Hanukkah Wrapping Paper.

stamp stamp stamp

Stamp! Stamp! Stamp!

Fire! Fire!

We also made another menorah on a paint stick that turned out super cute but unfortunately was a fire hazard so that post got pulled. I hate it when that happens.

We’ve been a little busy, how about you?