Flurry of Paper Snowflakes

getting fancy

Yesterday we were over at my friend’s house for a playdate and the little girl showed Bug how to make a snowflake. Bug quickly caught on and danced around the kitchen showing everyone her creation. “This is the first snowflake I’ve ever made!” she sang.

“Brenda!” my friend gasped. “You’ve never taught your kid how to make a snowflake!!”

I hung my head in shame. It was true. I think we made snowflakes when she was three or something but she probably didn’t cut them herself. I probably took over and made them all for her. Or, you know me, I was probably off trying to invent some other craft that hadn’t been invented before. I don’t have time for silly snowflakes! Bah! I can make snowflakes in my sleep.

But truthfully, I was a little ashamed with myself. I love snowflakes! How have we not made this a tradition? We should cover our windows in snowflakes STAT!

making snowflakes

So this morning we got right to work.

like it?


I love the suspense of unfolding a snowflake, wondering what all your little cuts will make.

admiring her handywork

Tah dah! Every one is better than the last.


Bug was having fun.


My desk was a flurry or paper drifts.


Bug decided to marker pen a Christmas message onto the window to go with our snowflakes. Her enthusiasm for scissors was waning. Scissors can be so hard for little fingers.


And it didn’t help that my overachiever cutting fingers had to decide to go big. Go big or go home! they yelled! It’s gonna be a great big blizzard up in here! Take that apartment complex that makes rules about chalk on the sidewalk! I’ll show you!

I may have gotten a little carried away.

take your stinkin' snowflake and go jump in a frozen lake

About this time Bug was about ready to tell me to take my fancy snowflakes and go jump in a frozen lake. The fun element had definitely expired.

pajama mom

Come on! They’re pretty!

we need a snow plow

Even the mess is pretty!

snow kitty

The cats think so, when they’re not trying to eat them…

paper flurry

So there you go. Next time you’re walking along and you see a window filled up with intricately cut snowflakes, don’t be jealous of the super mom who has time to make ridiculously fun things with her kids. Go ahead and squeeze your normal well-adjusted kid because she’s probably a lot happier than mine who is currently buried under the covers having a temper tantrum because I won’t stop making snowflakes long enough to help her pick out a Thanksgiving Day Hello Kitty outfit.

Sunday in the Sticks

Grandma teaching Bug how to Knifty knit.

We visit the sticks once a month. We used to visit on the fourth Sunday of the month but we’ve moved it to the third Sunday.


We visit so we can spend time with Grandma. Grandma is getting older and tireder and she doesn’t do as much as she would like to but she still really loves to have company so company we be. It’s fun to be company. It’s nice to have a big family dinner as a tradition too. The older I get the more I love tradition.

Cooking with Auntie.

My Aunt Keren always fixes us something fancy. She’s good at fancy.

Sneaking a cupcake.

And of course there is always dessert. Usually something Bug helps with.

Even Papa gets in on the action.

My Dad even got in on the action this time. It’s been so nice having my dad around more. It sucks that he’s home because he busted his rotator cuff and is in so much pain at night that he’s taken up drinking a glass of wine to help him sleep but it sure is nice having him around. I hope his glove business takes off so he can stay home all the time. His surgery to fix his shoulder is scheduled for January and then he’ll have time after that to heal so I guess we’ll just have to see.

Home again.

Then back on the road again, jiggety jog.

It won't be done in time but that's okay. The heart paints what the heart paints.

Bug was kinda out of sorts on our way home. Probably lots of mixed feelings about missing old friends. So we stopped and painted a plate. Painting always cures what ails you.