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    Furniture Rearranging

    work central

    You know what I like to do when I have a big huge project on my desk and I need a little time to perk-o-late upon it in my head? I like to rearrange furniture—because moving heavy things around for an hour or two always gets me in the mood to work. It doesn’t do that for you?

    Hah! Who am I kidding. I was totally procrastinating.

    I’ll blame it on the fig. The fiddle leaf fig of course.

    grow little Figgy, grow!

    I love my little Figgy. I talk to him. I play music for him. I examine his leaves carefully every day. He’s growing very very very slowly. He has not even put out a new leaf since I got him. But! at least he’s not dying! So far so good!

    little plastic deer habitat

    The other day I was reading about someone else’s Fiddle Leaf Fig plant and they said something about them liking a LOT of light. And while my apartment gets a lot of light all day long I decided poor Figgy was in a dark corner. Maybe he would grow faster (or at all) if he was surrounded by bright white kitchen light.

    kitchen tray

    That meant I had to borrow the old tool cabinet tray from under the television for Figgy to sit on in his new bright kitchen window.

    No more tv!

    And since the television is now getting kicked to the curb because the Olympics are over and its not sitting on the red tool cabinet anymore, I had to rearrange all my office furniture back to that corner.

    Why yes, that is a big ol' Mexican blanket hunt up on the wall like art.

    Then I had a great big blank spot in the living room so I hung my big old Mexican blanket on the wall. It’s kind of odd but I like it.

    scary pumpkin

    Then I sighed a big sigh and got back to work.

    How do you procrastinate?

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    My fifteen minutes of fame.

    where's my make-up artist?

    It’s really random how the Good Morning America shoot came about. I got an email from a producer from ABC wanting to talk to me about back-to-school photos. I was going to blow it off. Not because I’m a snob but more because I’m a terrible speed reader and I thought it was some kind of PR pitch. I get those emails all the time. They are impersonal and usually have nothing to do with me.

    Luckily, I happened to be working at (my publisher) Calee’s house that day and I mentioned it to her. Calee’s ears perked right up. She told me to get on the phone and call this woman right away because maybe it could be about back-to-school and I happen to have a back-to-school book out right now. How great would that be to talk about my books on national television? Really super awesome, right?

    After a quick pep talk from Calee, I called the producer. I was a ball of nerves. We talked a little bit. She seemed super nice. She has a daughter Bug’s age, etc… She’d seen my photos on Alpha+Mom and wanted to do a little story about what Bug and I do on the first day of school. I was confused because she kept asking me if I had any props for these photos that I take, like backdrops or funny signs or I don’t know, something special.

    I had made a sign. It was just an 8.5×11 piece of computer paper. I also made a free printable for people to fill out but it wasn’t anything crazy. No backdrops, no professional photographers, no snow machines or giant fans. Just me and my camera. Did she want me to make something special? I could. I mean that’s what I do, after all. I am the queen of cardboard. I told her I was going to let Bug wear her cat ears in her photos, did that count? The producer said that sounded wonderful and that was that.

    In hindsight, I think what happened was the producer had seen all the comments on the Alpha+Mom post and thought it had gone viral. When really what had happened was that Alpha+Mom had given away free clothes at Target on that post (the contest is long over and the contest copy removed). It wasn’t my amazing photos everyone was commenting on, they just wanted to win free clothes! But I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. If ABC wanted to do a story on me then I was going to let them and tell them about my books while I was at it.

    Little did I know this would be a big joke on me.

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