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    Shake it up! A Dreyer’s Review

    screaming for ice cream

    Maybe you’ve heard that Dreyer’s (aka Edy’s) has a new shake and smoothie product out. Well, we’re here to review it for you! On my main blog! How about that!

    we scream for ice cream!

    As you can see we scream for ice cream around here. Personally, I need another icy treat in my freezer like a hole in my head. I’ve really outdone myself in popsicle production. But when given the chance to give an honest review of something cold and sweet in the hot hot summertime, I couldn’t really say no. We just made room. Move over popsicles! Now there’s something sweetier.

    move over popsicles!

    so many flavors!

    My first reaction was, Wow, these are really light. I’m paying two bucks for this? But I was fooled. The containers felt as light as one of those cup-of-soup containers where you add water to the dried noodles. Guess what? I wasn’t far off. You add milk! When you peel off the lid there are icing tip formations of ice cream at the bottom. You add 1/3 cup of milk and stir stir stir.


    This was kind of fun for the kids (and Pink Kitty.) They felt like they were mixing up their own treats. Buncha mixologists.


    So that was a win.

    slurpin' siiiiiiiiiiiiip!

    The Slow Churned Thick and Creamy Shakes got the best ratings with the kids of course. Oreo and Strawberry being the favorites.


    My mom and I preferred the Smoothies, they had a little less sugar. I’d say the strawberry banana was my favorite flavor but I don’t think they were better than my own homemade smoothies. I guess I’m just a sucker for fresh fruit and I don’t mind cleaning the blender afterwards. But if you’re the type who can’t be bothered with cutting up fruit and having the ingredients on hand and of course the worst part, the clean-up, then I think this might be a good product for you. I personally think it’s a little frivolous but fun. I can see it being super fun to pull out for a playdate or maybe a baby shower or something.

    who says ice cream isn't for breakfast?

    I will say that they were quite photogenic when poured into long skinny glasses. These would be super cute on a buffet table all lined up with striped straws sticking out for a baby shower or a party. But then again maybe the blender route would be a little less work if you had a big crowd. It’s a thought.

    4 up

    Regardless, they tasted good so I’ll give them three stars. I don’t think this is something I would buy regularly but it’s pretty fun for a special treat.

    And now for a special treat for you!

    Leave a comment below between today and August 31st and you’ll be entered into a sweepstakes to win $100 Visa gift card. All you have to do is tell me what your favorite ice cream flavor is! (I made it easy on you.) Or maybe some other favorite summertime treat you like to eat when the weather is melting your face off.

    For more chances to win, visit BlogHer’s Promotions & Prizes section too!

    If you’re thinking of trying this product, make sure you stop by Dreyer’s Facebook page for your coupons and special offers!

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    Kitten Update: Their Eyes are Open!

    their eyes are opening!

    Big news today! Two of the kittens have opened their eyes. The big gray curly-furred one and Bessie.

    There are five kittens: a big gray furry one that looks like it has curly fur, one that has gray and white markings that we are calling Bessie because she looks like she has cow spots, one all gray one that is the runt of the litter and two others that are mostly gray but have some white markings. One has a white spot on it’s nose and that is the one Bug wants to keep. She’s named it Shylie. I wanted to name whatever kitten we kept Fiesta or Dos or Gato or something but Bug has spoken and I’m inclined to let her pick the name of the cat she will most likely call hers.




    Shylie. I guess he’s shy maybe.

    mama kitty

    And of course the mama cat, Aqui. She looks a little pissed off in these pictures but she’s actually purring up a storm. We always make a point of petting her a lot when we visit the kittens so she doesn’t get jealous.

    motherhood is so glamourous

    Motherhood is so glamourous.

    p.s. All photos taken by Bethany except the last one.

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