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more important than spot-free dishes


This made me think. I spend A LOT of time doing dishes and tidying my house. I also spend a lot of time getting mad at myself for not being more productive with my art. I could be more successful if I just applied myself more but for some reason I like to clean my house and procrastinate. Why is that? Because I don’t think I’m good enough? Fear of failure? Because I’m lazy? That seems silly since the way I procrastinate is by cleaning and gardening and cooking—not really something a lazy person does. I don’t really know. I always used to say, Do what you love and the money will follow but I don’t really want to get a job as a cleaning lady. What’s your take on this? I know my musings are not really the intent of the article but it’s food for thought nonetheless. Spied via Sycamore Street Press.


  • Lin

    Have you thought about being a professional organizer? Perhaps splitting your time between the things you do really well…writing/design and organizing. i don’t know if there’s the money for such a luxury where you live, but I do know in this small Canyon of mine there are three organizers and they are very busy. Your promotional brochure could highlight all the things you do well, including being an advertisement for your design skills.

  • bethany actually

    I’ve actually been thinking about this very thing lately, because although I have a little baby and am homeschooling a kid and my house is never uncluttered…I have managed to crochet several baby blankets in the past four months and am eagerly looking forward to the next one. And I’ve been managing to cook and bake pretty regularly too. I’ve been realizing I must really love to crochet and cook, and I’m doing what I love.

  • Whit's end

    Creativity drains you. After I have painted or written something, I am more exhausted than after exercising. And I don’t like being exhausted, so I usually put it off as long as I can. That’s my take on it.

  • Hotrodhanna

    I am constantly cleaning and tidying up, because I can’t be creative when I see things are a mess. I would MUCH rather shut myself up in my craft room and ignore everything (and sometimes I do), but half the time all I can think about is that laundry has to be put away, someone needs to pick up the toys before they get broken, if I don’t clean those windows today I won’t get a chance tomorrow…etc etc. Granted, its ‘mess’ according to me, it may be all in my head. I feel like I can never meet my own standards, which I suppose means I don’t feel I deserve the ‘play’ time to work on my own projects. For me, doing what you love to earn money is a pie-in-the-sky notion, because there always seem to be too many (self-imposed) household responsibilities that have to come first. If I had a maid… oh the things I could do. But then she probably wouldn’t do it the way I wanted and I’d have to do it myself when she left.

  • Ninabi

    You’ve struck a chord with this post. I find myself doing the same thing- as if creativity cannot occur unless the house is completely tidy first. Is it a delay tactic on my part? Or is it something else?

    Part of me wonders about how I value my own skills. Why is cleaning more important than what I can do with watercolors and words?

  • Valerie

    I think Lin has an excellent idea! I would hire you in a second, and then feel extra wonderful because you helped organize my house in what felt like a fun girlfriend day. Think about this!