bawk, bawk, squawk!

bawk! squack!

I’ve got some chicken art up over at Alpha+Mom today. Just kidding, it’s sea shell art that happens to look like a chicken or a bird or a duck or something. What’s great about this craft is that kids LOVE painting shells! I did not know this. But you should try it if you need a few hours of quiet on these long, boring, hot, summer afternoons. Hours and hours, I tell you. If you water down your paint enough, it’s not that messy either!

painting shells is a hit

My Lilith Fair Review is up!


Bug did my make-up. She did such a good job. I didn’t even have to touch anything up!

I have my very own make-up artist

I might have to have her fix me up regularly because this shot was taken:

my new headshot

It’s probably the best glamour shot I’ve ever had taken! Thanks to Bug’s make-up job, CC’s photography skills and the giant soft box that was the Lilipad tent.

Anyway, go read my review and comment so you’ll have a chance to win $100 Visa card from Blogher!!! I really like it when my readers win and not just random contest hunters.