Eye Spy

Plastic Hanger Lamp!


At last something to do with those blasted plastic hangers that breed in the night! I swear those things will be the death of me. Personally, I’m a snob and will only use wooden hangers but when I help my mom clean up her place, we are always battling the plastic hangers like the plague. Now I might not look at them with such distaste! All I need is a classic black shade, some electrical skills and we’d be in business!


  • a chris

    Wow, all wooden hangers. I thought I was a snob because I threw out all the wire ones! Actually, looking at the link, I see those are disposable plastic hangers. We use plastic ones but they’re not disposable. They sort of match each other. Or some of them match some others anyway.

    Still, wooden ones would be cool, although as Clistyb points out, they do take up space!