Eye Spy

a foldable tub!


Something splashy that folds up small? This would sure be handy at my mom’s. She has no tub so when we visit we bathe Bug in a plastic tote. This would take up a lot less space! Too bad it doesn’t come out until December. Spied via ohdeedoh.


  • Melissa

    Why don’t you write to them and tell them about your blog and the million readers and how you’d love to do a product review for them… :o) That way you could get it early! :o)

  • Brenda

    When I was a kid…… we use to go to my Great Aunt May’s house…. and she didn’t have a tub either….. we had to bathe in a metal tub…. kid after kid after kid…. while they heated the water on the wood stove. Good memories.

  • Lady in a Smalltown

    Our baby tub lives in the bathtub in our first floor bathroom. This will be great when he is sitting up and to take with us on trips. Could it be used as a little pool outside? Totally want one.