TEN years!


Wow. What do you say for your ten-year anniversary? I woke up at midnight and quietly tiptoed back to Toby’s office to wish him a happy anniversary while he worked. After a sweet hug, we both stood there kinda sheepish.

“I didn’t really get you anything special.”

“That’s okay, neither did I.”

I think that sums up ten years. Either that or this.

No Comment Pah


Something funny for more reasons than one. First of all because the subject of pacifiers is so controversial. I wish I could just say “No comment” whenever it comes up. And secondly, I have been known to let Bug have her pahs just so she would give me two minutes of peace and quiet. I know that’s terrible but I could use just a little less commentary around here from time to time. But alas…this is our battle. I hear FOUR is a very good year for giving up pahs.