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No Comment Pah


Something funny for more reasons than one. First of all because the subject of pacifiers is so controversial. I wish I could just say “No comment” whenever it comes up. And secondly, I have been known to let Bug have her pahs just so she would give me two minutes of peace and quiet. I know that’s terrible but I could use just a little less commentary around here from time to time. But alas…this is our battle. I hear FOUR is a very good year for giving up pahs.


  • Clover

    This is too funny! I gave in and gave my third kid a pacifier, much to my mother-in-law’s delight. I made big noises in July about the disappearance of the pacifier when she was 18 months (Sept. 4). It’s September 25, and I’ve just stopped making big noises. Easy bedtimes are too hard to give up!

  • Leta

    Arwyn was four, almost five, when we finally took hers away. She only had it at night but it was just getting ridiculous. It was horrible the first night, she ended up crying herself to sleep after a long drawn out tear fest with cuddling and anything else we could think of to calm her down. And we totally bribed her with a trip to Build-a-Bear the next day. And she got a bit teary a few nights after that, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

    And now we have a second child, so her day is coming. It is not fun, but you can do it!