Guess who’s taking ballet?

Princess Twirly

I was one of those kids who never got to take ballet or gymnastics or play on a soccer team when I was little and I’ve lived my whole life bitter about it. Well, not really terribly bitter but it is true that I always always always wished I could have. At a young age I vowed to myself that when I had a little girl someday, she would have the chance to be a ballerina if she wanted to.

doing her own thing

I have fulfilled my vow. Bug is taking ballet lessons at the young age of three and a half. I stayed and watched her for her first class and let me tell you it was a barrel of laughs. I thought Bug was terrible at listening and following directions…well, her peers are just as bad. That teacher had a parade of clowns flouncing after her. I know nothing about ballet but I think they made some progress. They learned first position and how to stand on a glittery paper star on the floor. It took forty-five minutes. I can’t wait to see what they learn next week.

Work-out Cards


Wouldn’t it be cool if I could make a deck of cards that had 52 different exercises on them that you could do WITH your kid(s)? The only problem is that I am not a fitness expert and I don’t really know 52 different exercises. Maybe 52 is a little bit much…maybe I’ll aim for 20 and see how it goes.

Then I had a brilliant idea. What if you guys helped me out the way you helped me with the alphabet cards. That worked out splendidly. In fact, maybe if I print these someday (What am I thinking starting another project right now? I must be insane), I could give a free deck to all the people who contributed. You could contribute by emailing me photos of yourselves doing exercises (properly) with your kid or maybe you could just leave helpful comments like, “Dude you have to keep your knee at a 90 degree angle!” or something like that.

What do you think? Then I could put helpful information on the back of each card and maybe some funny jokes too. And maybe once a card is done, I’ll post them here for a short time as a free printable pdf so that if you play along the whole way, you get a deck free.

So far I’ve got the “kid squat” above that is surely terrible on your back but great fun for your monkey kid and the “swing lunge” below.



Thoughts? What should I call this project?