Silver Tuesday

silver sea

My schedule is all out of whack. I wake up at 4am and wait for a decent hour to slowly wedge its way in. I toss and turn and finally creep out to the living room to check in on the internet world. Then she wakes up and it’s still dark so I try to convince her it’s not morning yet. It never works. We start our day at 5:30. She wants a banana or two or a bagel with cream cheese or doughnuts or maybe all of them together. I make her eggs and toast. We huddle by the heater and wait for something exciting to happen.

Since nothing exciting is happening we turn on cartoons. Then we take forever to get ready to do anything. Before we know it, it is noon and we have not gone out to do our errands. It’s too late to do anything now that naptime looms so we putz around the house some more. I watch the minutes slowly tick by until naptime. Sometimes she goes down a bit early, sometimes she goes down a bit late. And sometimes, since we were driving home from the sticks, she goes down in the car and completely skips nap.

playing in the low tide

Two o’clock rolls around and since she isn’t sleeping we go to the beach. Why not? There are castles to be built. Pictures to be taken. Journals to be scribbled in. Sand to be collected in rolled-up pant legs and soggy diapers, between our toes and in our hair. We while away the time like locals. We own the beach on a cloudy day. It’s ours. Everyone else is a tourist. We let them borrow our buckets and shovels generously because we know we’ll be back tomorrow and the next day and the next.

swish swish

My stomach grumbles and I know dinner will take over an hour to cook so I drag her from the beach screaming and wailing. Her pants are so soggy and cold I have to peel them off her and still she wants to dig and splash some more. She digs her fingernails into the wet sand like a dog digging to China. Don’t you ever get tired of this? I wonder. I guess not. I guess walking on the beach almost every day of her life has worked. She will always feel at home here. She likes the feeling of sand on her skin.

back and

I always wanted to be a beach girl when I was growing up, stuck inland in a dead-end town that everyone wanted to escape. We dreamed of dating surfers and rollerskating in bikinis. I never thought I’d live here. I never thought my daughter’s birth certificate would have the name of this town on it. She’s my beach girl. My dream came true for her. I wonder if she’ll grow up and move to Montana.

posing for Mommy

After dinner and another bath to wash the sand away, we lie down together and whisper in the dark. No stories tonight. We’re both tired. I shouldn’t have had that second cup of coffee in the afternoon. I’m crashing. But she’s more tired than I am and in seconds I hear her deep breathing. I drag myself out from under the warm covers and pad out to the living room to check on the internet again. Usually I wouldn’t blog. My brain is too dead but these silver pictures wanted to be seen and I know I won’t have time to put them up tomorrow. Another busy day.

a rare cloudy day

It’s raining now. I love the sound of it on the roof. Could it be that winter is finally here? I really hope I don’t wake up at 4am tomorrow.

A SuperChic Tea Party!


I forgot how crazy this time of year is. From November on we have: my niece SuperChic’s birthday, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and then Bug’s Birthday in January. I guess that’s only four things but it feels like it all happens in the span of three days. I think it goes by so fast because of all the planning that goes on in between. But I love that.

tea cups

Some people like to talk about politics and hash out the details of history and economics. And some people, like me, like to hash out the details of birthday parties and family get-togethers. Both are important. Whether macro or micro, the details are what make up our lives. You guys can go solve the economic crisis and I’ll be over here making sure there are games to keep the kids occupied and the petits fours are iced. I know in some people’s opinions I’m putting women’s rights back 100 years but I argue that these things are important. You don’t realize how much the little things add up and in the end create a warm happy environment for making memories with your family.

Anyway! Enough about that. Who really cares what I think?


I only bring it up the subject of details because SuperChic’s sixth birthday party was yesterday and it was filled with many many small details that made my happy little heart sing. As usual, my sister-in-law pulled out all the stops. It was a tea party with all of SuperChic’s favorite finger foods. Cake balls disguised as petits fours, pickles, celery with cream cheese, black olives, carrots, bell peppers and broccoli to dip in ranch dressing. That kid likes her veggies which is a good thing because I think each petit four had about four pounds of sugar in it.

the lady and.... STITCH

The kids drank hot cocoa in their little wee cups and ate their crudités on the floor, picnic-stye. Bug actually managed to sip her cocoa daintily and only spilled about four drops on her red tutu. I was amazed. We’re still using sippy cups at home a lot. Not because she can’t use a cup; she can, but she likes to play with her drinks. She likes to swish her fingers around in them and dip everything in them. It’s a battle we’re working on.


I wish I’d had my camera on movie mode and had filmed that. It was quite the feat. What really cracked me up though (and I don’t think the photo quite captures it) was how SuperChic sat next to Bug so calmly and politely eating her food while Bug devoured her celery and cream cheese like a snarling spitting bulldog. I know that is nothing to be proud of. I need to teach Bug some manners stat. I bring it up to point out the contrast. SuperChic is quite the proper lady and Bug is still very two.

kid pile

Anyway, we had a lot of fun. Games, food and dogpiles on the floor. What more could you ask for? I even made a movie!

You can read more about it here. You did a great job CC!