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    happy birthday to me!

    I did have a great birthday!

    You know what? I DID have a really great birthday. Thank you! I somehow talked Toby into letting me take a weekend away and it was the best present ever. Don’t worry, I am not being ignored by my workaholic husband. He’s got a present up his sleeve and I am pretty much spoiled rotten but that is another post for another day.

    Even re-capping my super fun weekend with the Gronbergs is a post for another day because this birthday girl is tuckered out and she is going to roll her big fat caking-eating-self off to bed!

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    Happy Fourth!

    happy 4th!

    Happy Fourth of July! You know how to really celebrate it big? Put a flag between your toes on one foot and a pin wheel between your toes on the other. That’s how we roll.

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