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    Hi ho! Hi ho!

    It’s off to the in-laws we go! We’re going up north for Thanksgiving. It’s going to be the first big trip with the baby. I’m excited to share her cuteness with all the relatives but I’m scared for the long drive. Can we do it? I can barely stand spending twelve hours cooped up with Toby, how am I going to do with a crying baby in the mix?

    I think we’re going to take advantage of Toby’s nocturnal-ness and leave at midnight so we can spend the bulk of the trip driving at night when the baby is asleep. This may or may not work. We may end up with a very cranky sleep deprived baby and a very awful drive. Who knows. Hopefully we’ll beat some of the holiday traffic at least.

    We wanted to take the new sports car because it is so fun to drive and so comfortable to sit in but there is absolutely NO room in it’s itty bitty trunk for all the gear the baby needs for a nine day trip. Forget taking a portacrib or a stroller. We’ll be lucky if we can jam in all our luggage, not to mention Toby’s brother’s who is also riding up with us. (He has no idea what he is in for.) We decided that we’ll have to give up the fun of driving the sporty car on winding roads and stick with the good old faithful Eurovan. Ho hum. Parenthood.

    So anyway, we’re not leaving until next week but I’m already plotting out what we need to pack. Phew! Gone are my days of light maintenance grab a bag and pack five minutes before you hit the road. I always have drawn out little sketches of what I need to pack (I’m weird, it’s just the way I work) but now I have to draw one out for the baby, the food supply (baby food, sandwiches, snacks for baby etc. etc.) and me. Thankfully Toby packs his own stuff.

    In other news: Baby Bug turned 10 months old today! If you clicked over to see the movie, I’m sorry to disappoint but I’m going to stick to my new tradition of posting the monthly movie several days late.

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    bla bla blaaaah

    For lack of anything else to post, we have tongue. Today is one of those rambly no particular subject days.

    Isn’t it funny how now that everybody knows about blogs you’ll get people in your every day life, like family members, telling you what you should blog about? Toby does this to me all the time. It’s so weird. Half the time what he wants me to blog about I don’t want to blog about at all. But I guess to each their own. I wish Toby had a blog. It would be great to hear his side of the story.

    Remember back in the day when you might casually mention that you have a website and you update daily and people would look at you funny? Like how self centered are you that you think people will actually want to read about your day. Remember when you had to explain that “blog” was slang for “web log”? And then there was a while when people thought I was really into chat rooms or something. I hated that phase of the blog learning curve. (Even though there was a short month where I was really into chat rooms) Chat rooms, ew.

    So anyway, times are a changing. Blogs on the news, blogs on the radio, blogs on billboards. It’s a blog happy world. Why did I come here to talk about that? I have no idea.

    I think it was because Toby wanted me to blog about how he got on the Oprah show today. Actually I wanted to blog about that too. It’s not every day that your science-and-history-channel-only husband will call you in from the other room to watch Oprah. You see, Toby is an architectural photographer. He mostly shoots zillion dollar homes for the real estate industry. One of those zillion dollar homes got on Oprah today. We call it the “portabella” because it looks like a mushroom. We were hoping they might use some of his shots on the show but they didn’t. It was all live video. They did show his old boss talking about the house quite a bit. Toby’s photos are on her webpage though. They’ll probably be down by the time you read this so here’s a screen shot. That was pretty cool.

    In other news, Baby Bug is starting to “talk” (sort of). I should save this for her ten month post but she’ll probably be doing something even more interesting by then. (Or maybe I just don’t to wait until Friday to share.) So far she knows how to bark like a dog. Whenever we see a dog (which is quite a lot on our walks to the park), she’ll say, “Bwuffff Bwfff Bwufff”. It’s really cute. She’ll even do it on command. Well sometimes. But enough that I know she means “dog” instead of just making random sounds to hear herself. She also meows at the cats and sometimes says “kkkkkkkkkk”. I think she means “kitty” but I’m not sure. One day I said “Hiiii-iiiii” like I do in my silly two syllable mommy-speak and she said “hiiiii” back to me. I haven’t been able to get her to do it again so I don’t think I can count it as a word. She still refuses to say anything with the letter “m” so I think “mama” is a long ways off. But that’s okay. I know she loves me.

    And I think I’ll just cut this rambly post off here. Just like that.

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