Boho Babyshower Drink Charms


This weekend I hosted a boho-crunchy-mama-granola-girl baby shower with some friends at my house. I know some of you are going to roll your eyes and say, how basic but hear me out. It was actually so cute and perfect for the mama we were throwing it for. She’s such a wild spirit and a dreamer. It was sweet.


Those of you who know Maria will know exactly what I mean. I love this girl to pieces!!! I can’t wait to meet her baby.


In true Brenda-fashion I woke up at 2am with a bee in my bonnet. I don’t know if I should admit this here on a public blog but I’m actually considering seeing a therapist about my classic bipolar-esque crafting mania because I was on fire about making these charms. That’s all well and good but after the shower I crashed so hard.  I was morose for a whole day and actually had to take a nap (which I NEVER do). It might be a problem.  I get in these creative modes and nothing will stop me. Not even a dark house with people sleeping peacefully and dogs that stir at the slightest movement. If you watched my instagram stories that day you might have seen a glimpse of my craziness.

Yep, that was me, out rummaging in my garage craft cupboards looking for beads and wire at four in the morning. At least I waited until four to actually get up out of bed! I’d been laying in bed thinking about all the things I needed to do since TWO.

Anyway, I thought it was a really good idea. Instead of personalizing champagne glasses with names, why not do a little fun role-playing? I just imagined how cool it would be for the party guests to choose between being a wild child or a hippie mama or maybe a warrior princess… this idea could work for any theme party and I fully plan on executing it for my next new year’s shindig.

Speaking of parties and mania, I have asked Payam to come up with an impossible theme for me and I will execute it. I’m thinking something crazy like a Lumberjack New Year’s party or an Twilight Zone Halloween bash! Wouldn’t that be fun? Feel free to come up with impossible themes for me in the comments. I love a challenge.


Anyway, you should make these charms. They are really cute and very easy to make. And you can keep them as a charm to hang around your rear view mirror in your car if you like!  You can download my printable here. You could even use it for cupcake toppers if you ‘re not serving drinks.


Cheers! “The craziness in me recognizes the craziness in you!*”

*quoted from Maria

Mad Over Peonies


I’ve been losing my mind over peonies lately, like I do every year. I haunt Trader Joe’s faithfully until they show up in their tight little clenched balls of fury. This is usually in May sometime. They were super late this year. They didn’t show up until AFTER Mother’s Day which is a crying shame in my eyes. To me, peonies are the ultimate mother’s day present and believe me, everyone in my house knows this. I do not shut up about it.

Finally they came in and I bought a bunch, of course. They were so brilliant scarlet they wouldn’t even show up properly in my camera because the red was just plain out of gamut.


Every time I walked by the bouquet on the table I would try and try again to capture their intensity with my camera. I would stand on chairs straining for just the right angle. This way and that… nothing could really contain their beauty!

These flowers were like bombs going off on my dining room table. I don’t know how people can’t be in awe of them like I am. They must be color blind. Or they grew up in Chicago where they are as common as Oleander bushes along the highway. That is before Oleander bushes got that disease and died out. In Chicago I hear they are as common as freeway flowers. Can you imagine these flowers being as common as freeway flowers?


I cannot. This is art pure and simple. It was hard for me to even format the pictures into a square for optimal website viewing because I just didn’t want to crop them in anyway.

I’m an absolute nut about these flowers. I’m sure Payam will vouch for that. I never shut up about them. There are a few things that I feel this passionately about and they are: Norah Jones, coffee and peonies. Everything else is just not worth getting all worked up about.  I stand by these passions whether they go in or out of style.


I mean, come on. Even in death they take my breath away. As the scarlet color slowly faded out of these blooms and the petals fell ceremoniously on my table, I didn’t even want to clean them up. It was like a week long art installation that we would eat dinner around so as not to miss a single shade of loveliness.


I fully acknowledge that I’ve lost my mind over them.

Le sigh.