A Photo Shoot with Anna

BrendaPonnay-1 BrendaPonnay-2

So you guys wanted to see the author shots that Anna took of me. I have a TON of them so I’m just going to plaster this post with all of them! I’m a little embarrassed to have such a me me me post but I figure it’s better to get it over with all at once and maybe you guys can help me pick the best ones that I should use in my books and bios and such—and can you help me write that bio while you’re at it? I’m so stuck.

BrendaPonnay-4 BrendaPonnay-3

These are from the day we went to Palm Springs. I love Palm Springs. So dry and clear and then there’s this gigantic mountain that shoots straight up into the sky. I always like to live next to something that is BIG. Ocean, mountain…just something to give me a sense of direction. Put me in Bakersfield or the rolling hills of Texas and I’m completely lost.

BrendaPonnay-6 BrendaPonnay-7

Of course Bug came with us and she stole the show from me, as usual.

BrendaPonnay-9 BrendaPonnay-11

I love the one on the right with me on the rock. I think I’ll use it on the back cover of my next self-help book. Just kidding. I’m not writing any self-help books!

BrendaPonnay-13 BrendaPonnay-17

Oh, I look so authorly. Too authorly? Okay, then here, look at my chest. Funny story: I wore a hot pink bra and I’m sure poor Anna spent many hours photoshopping it out. I really didn’t mean to cause her so much extra work it’s just that it’s my favorite bra and all the other ones are all stretched out. (Motherhood is so glamorous. Also, I need to go shopping.)

BrendaPonnay-18 BrendaPonnay-22

Cheeeeese! You know, that smile cost my parents a pretty penny. They really couldn’t afford braces but I had the most awful snaggle-toothed grin (Seriously, bi-cuspids where bi-cuspids should not be.) that they couldn’t afford not to for my sake. Consequently, I had braces for about eleven years—or at least it seemed like it because my parents couldn’t always make the payments on time. I used to go to the orthodontist every week and sometimes I would just sit in the waiting room while the orthodontist mumbled under his breath about my parents who were late on the bill again and again. I think he probably gave me half of my appointments out of charity. And for that (and my parents hard-earned payments) I am eternally thankful.

BrendaPonnay-20 BrendaPonnay-28

BrendaPonnay-30 BrendaPonnay-31

I love these ones by this busy tile wall. Crazy texture and some cowboy boots too! I love that old dress. Yes, I have worn it to every big event for the last six years. I wear it at least once a month and it’s still going strong. I’ll probably cry when it finally wears out.

BrendaPonnay-34 BrendaPonnay-35

Secret Agent Girl! Er Woman, er…Mom or something.

BrendaPonnay-39 BrendaPonnay-38

I really like these ones. Too bad Bug’s glasses are knocked all caliwumpus.

BrendaPonnay-40 BrendaPonnay-37

Who says 39-year-olds can’t show their knees? I do. Except they don’t look so bad in this shot. Anna is amazing, I tell you.

Okay. Tired of that dress yet? Good ’cause we’re moving on.

BrendaPonnay-41 BrendaPonnay-43

This is Brenda of the Grapefruit Groves. Have you heard that ghost story? Just kidding. This is me in my giant thrift-store turquoise skirt. I bought it for about three bucks and had my aunt take it in for me. It was a size 22 but I loved the color so much I just ripped that size tag out and got it tailored. Them’s the perks of having a seamstress in the family.

BrendaPonnay-49 BrendaPonnay-46

Dappled light, sitting in trees. I’m so versatile. Don’t you just want to read my books?

BrendaPonnay-51 BrendaPonnay-52

Here I’m modeling for a cover for the next Twilight book.

BrendaPonnay-53 BrendaPonnay-45

The grapefruits were actually pretty cool. Too bad they can’t be me on my author page on Amazon.


Oh yay! Let’s look at Bug. She’s such a sight for sore eyes.

BrendaPonnay-65 BrendaPonnay-63

Speaking of eyes, it’s Crazy-Eyes Ponnay again! I swear, I am probably the only person who looks worse in make-up. And these are the good shots! You should see all the outtakes and what I looked like before Anna softened things. Never mind. Be thankful I’m sparing you.

BrendaPonnay-66 BrendaPonnay-67

I like these ones. Mostly because I am wearing my fake-but-possibly-real Missoni dress that my aunt Keren made me. What’s that you say? You have a fake-possibly-real Missoni dress? I do! Remember that Target/Missoni craze that happened a while back? Well, my aunt saw the ads and remembered an old bolt of this funky fabric she had that looked just like Missoni fabric. She has no idea where it came from and there is no brand name anywhere on the fabric or on the cardboard spool. One of her clients just left it at her shop and never asked for it back. My aunt asked me if I’d like a dress out of it and I said, Yes, Ma’am! It’s a little itchy on the inside but I love it. Nobody else has a dress like this. My mom says it gives her a headache but I don’t care. I still like it.


And Bug has one to match!

BrendaPonnay-74 BrendaPonnay-73

I love these photos of us in our trench coats AND the mini Eiffel Tower, or as Rotin said on Flickr: “My how we’ve grown!” We’re actually outside a French Restaurant in Newport Beach that I’ve yet to try. Anna said they got the French wrong on their painted windows so they’ve kind of lost their magic to me. But I do still love the mini Eiffel Tower. I want it in my future walk-in closet so I can throw my clothes on it.

BrendaPonnay-75 BrendaPonnay-77


And that’s all of them! Phew! Thank you Anna! Everyone else: you should hire her.

Where have I been?

my work companion

I’ve been puttering away at my desk these days.

when I'm working this is where she is

With my constant companions: coffee and the very big kitten that likes to sleep in my lap. It’s like she knows I get lonely when Bug is away at school.

my messy desk

I’ve been making all sorts of things for you guys to see along my book tour. I’m very excited about it. I think you will be too.

junk yard

Production has been a little rough going. Making, fixing, making, fixing…the things I do for you! Just kidding, this is sort of like playing. But I really do hope it pays off in the end because all this playing is not paying the bills!

5 cars later finally gonna say DUN.

Five cars later, I finally got it right. Stay tuned. This post will show up on Tuesday of next week!

is this getting boring?

And this one on Wednesday. So fun! I can’t wait to see what my secret agents do with them!

Bug was inspired by the ninja costume.

hiya! Ninja putting on her boots


now you see me...

Now you see me…

Not cleaning her room.

Now you don’t. Wait. What? What’s going on here? I don’t know. I think she was looking for something.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in (after nearly a week of dead, dead silence) and tell you what we’ve been up to.

Tea party at Grandma's.

We also had a tea party at my grandma’s this week. I should make this a post on it’s own but the way I’ve been keeping up with the blogging…we all know that is never going to happen. So here it is squished in with another post. I hope you don’t mind.

We go over to my grandma’s and aunt Keren’s house every Wednesday for dinner and lately they’ve been doing theme dinners. (I come by my love of theme-parties genetically.) Every Wednesday my grandma asks Bug where she’d like to go for the following week’s dinner. We’ve been to Hawaii (yummy teriyaki), Thailand (for me because I love Thai food so much) and I think Italy (for Saltimboca!). Last week Bug said she wanted to go to London so my grandma and my aunt Keren put on a grand tea party spread. It was so fun! Tiny sandwiches, tea, scones with clotted cream and jam…it was fit for the Queen!

So that’s what we’ve been up to!

Mark your calendars! My book tour starts next Monday! I’ll be posting where to go here on this blog so check in.