“Just Wear It” brought to you by Bug


So as you can see I have pretty much a good choice of fashion. It’s not that good but I’ll just go with it. When I get dressed in the morning I have to think of something that is not too pink or not too purple because I don’t like girl colors.  But I chose pink because that dress the perfect dress for the weather I was in. It was really hot. I toned down the girly-ness with my cool payless vans and mis-matched socks. I have to wear a shrug because at my school there’s rules for no spaghetti straps and that dress has spaghetti straps. So I have to keep my shrug on all day long.


Now don’t think I’m Princess Leia with all those cute little buns. I wanted to be the queen of the ocean.  So I pretty much choosed my favorite color turquoise for my fashion. I topped it off with my white sweater because I like how it’s kind of like an ice berg. It’s kind of itchy though. But it’s sparkly. The guitar is just a prop so my outfit looks cooler. I didn’t wear it to school.  How am I supposed to wear a guitar? They wouldn’t really let me wear a guitar to school anyway.  Shoes: I wear them every day.


I was sort of wearing the same shirt and shorts as the above picture but it was cold so I put a sweater on and some leg warmers. These are from when I was a baby. They still fit me. The nails are nothing special. The headband: I usually wear headbands every day. They’re my fashion statement.

Over and Out,

Bug Fashionista

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13 Comments “Just Wear It” brought to you by Bug

  1. mamalang

    I <3 this. I love that you chose the outfit because you wanted to be queen of the ocean! You really pulled that off…I totally thought of water and ice when I saw that outfit.

    I hope you share more!

  2. Susan:)

    Love the outfits! My six year old niece, Angelina, likes to put together outfits like that too! She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. :)

  3. Emily

    What a fabulous selection of outfits, you have a talent for putting styles together.
    I always think that if you have the right outfit on you can face any challenge and it will a good day.

  4. bethany actually

    I think choosing a dress that was perfect for the weather, even though you didn’t LOVE the colors, was very a very sensible and mature decision. And the Vans definitely downplayed the girliness.

  5. CC

    You’ve always had your own ideas about fashion and I love that you are so creative with your choices and why you choose what you do.

    I remember your green phase, and your Ponyo phase, which was one of my personal favorites, turquoise is a great color on you, and while pink may not be your favorite you wear it well.

    I’m looking forward to more posts from you, maybe a throwback to the days of all Onyx all the time. ;)

  6. Lisa

    Ummmmm….how old is Bug again? My word, she has more fashion sense in her pinky than I do in my whole self! Way to go kiddo!


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